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IoT: why you need to build an ecosystem


IoT Blog | July, 2017
IoT why you need to build an ecosystem

Patrick Razavet

Head of IoT Indirect Channels

IoT: why you need to build an ecosystem

Patrick Razavet, Head of Internet of Things (IoT) Indirect Channels, explains how building your own ecosystem is key to delivering better IoT solutions, faster.

IoT is energising organisations of all kinds: small and large, private and public sector. It’s delivering increased efficiencies, reducing costs and creating new ways to generate revenue and delighting customers. Whether you should look at how IoT can help your company is a no-brainer, the question is – how best to do it?

The value of an ecosystem?

The use of IoT continues to grow rapidly, with billions of connected devices coming to market every year. The diversity of things that you can do with IoT is quite staggering, but one thing that most projects share is the need for speed. IoT isn’t new, but there are still plenty of first-mover opportunities to be had. In fact, in many industries the growing maturity of IoT has intensified the pace of development as companies race to seize the advantage.

In the past, many organisations found that the solutions they wanted just didn’t exist and so took a do-it-yourself approach. Or they employed a technology specialist to assemble all the different elements required for a successful solution—a do-it-for-me approach.

But things have moved on. We now have extensive ecosystems of specialists that can take away the pain of doing-it-yourself. They can build solutions that leverage off-the-shelf and interoperable components to build secure solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Being able to harness these ecosystems is key to maintain and accelerate pace in a fast moving market.

Building your own micro ecosystem

There’s plenty of expertise out there to help you turn your IoT concept into a robust, effective and manageable  and secure solution. Co-innovating with a wide range of partners is an essential part of a successful IoT development. Today you can team up with hardware manufacturers, software developers, telecommunications providers, as well as a new breed of systems integrators and management consultants.

But before you step in, it’s important to demystify the technology, the connectivity and the software partners that are involved in delivering successful IoT projects. That’s why your first priority should be to build your own solid, cohesive ecosystem. In other words, surround yourself with the experts who can cover hardware, connectivity, security and software.

Once this is in place, be clear about the desired business outcomes, then you can leverage the shared experience to help speed up the design and implementation of your solution. A solid ecosystem can also help you avoid any pitfalls along the way. Together you’ll be able to accelerate turning your idea into reality, delivering benefits for you, your customers and your suppliers.

One size does not fit all

There’s no typical profile of an IoT innovator. We’ve worked with local authorities, car makersagricultural equipment manufacturers, healthcare companies and lots more. And size is no obstacle, everybody from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to global enterprises are adopting IoT solutions to deliver greater efficiency and enable better customer experiences.

IoT can help just about every kind of company, but that doesn’t mean that everybody has similar needs. For example, SMEs often want to work with partners that are located close to them. Not only is it reassuring to have the experts close-by, it’s also practical as regional technologies can be quickly deployed to achieve specific objectives. Conversely, multinationals usually want scale and the ability to deploy and manage solutions across multiple territories.

Working with Vodafone gives you access to not just our resources and pool of IoT specialists, but also the expertise and experience of our partners. Our partners have been chosen for their combination of technical expertise and ability to deliver. So with Vodafone you can get your IoT solution to market faster, more securely and see the benefits sooner.

Find out more – drop us an email at or give us a call on 0044-7444-325-793.

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