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IoT: turning visual surveillance security solution into business insight


IoT Blog | October, 2017


George Galica

Head of Digital Buildings, Vodafone IoT

IoT: turning a visual surveillance security solution into business insight

The growth of digital and mobile has enabled organisations to collect ever-more valuable data on their customers. You are probably already monitoring data from your website and analysing things like clicks, likes and routes through pages. And if customers link their social media profiles to their account with you, you can even collect data from those, too.

If you’re gathering all this customer data from your online sources, why aren’t you collecting the same information from physical visits to your buildings?

Imagine being able to see the path customers take around your store, how long they stop to browse and whether they leave without buying anything. What if you could discover occupancy rates for your offices and see which times of the day are busiest?

Get better insights

You might be surprised to find out that a lot of this information is already sitting right under your nose. How? Your surveillance cameras are capturing hours of business insight, but few organisations are getting the full value from this. For a start, sifting through all the footage—from multiple cameras on several sites—and analysing it effectively can be a big challenge. You need an efficient way to bring all the data together and analyse it if you’re going to use the data to inform business decisions.

Technology can do the heavy lifting for you. IoT-enabled cameras can provide reliable data on your buildings making smart buildings possible. Smart buildings enable you to determine dwell time, traffic patterns and building occupancies in real time turning your visual data into business insights. IoT-enabled cameras can give you the insights you need to make the right decisions and improve operational strategies and processes.

Improved security

A smart building could also mean a better level of security. When you think about security cameras today, you imagine a guard watching hours of people coming and going on a screen. And when you want to check the footage, you have to visit each site in turn. What happens if you discover the equipment has failed to record? Or that the footage you need has already been overwritten?

With smart building security, your visual data is encrypted, watermarked and securely transmitted from your cameras into the cloud. You receive real-time heat-mapping, audio surveillance and foot traffic so you never miss a thing. Smart buildings can establish triggers, schedules and even controlled zones that alert you or the emergency services and help make sure critical events are captured, stored and accessible.

With Vodafone Digital Buildings, you benefit from valuable business insights while your critical assets are intelligently protected. We offer a security solution with cameras and sensors to detect security events and track movement, cloud storage, analytics and organisational insights. You can integrate Vodafone Digital Buildings with your current surveillance system or choose a new camera that suits you.

Transform your business, learn more about Vodafone Digital Buildings or email us at [email protected].

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