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IoT: A global opportunity

Stefano Gastaut

Stefano Gastaut

Director, Vodafone Internet of Things (IoT)

Last week I attended Mobile World Congress 2018 in Shanghai. While there, I had a number of engaging conversations with Chinese business leaders. These covered the latest innovations using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, like autonomous vehicles, as well as the promise of 5G. It was also interesting to see so many applications of artificial intelligence, especially within robotics.

It was clear that many businesses in the region are wholeheartedly embracing digital transformation and focused on becoming world leaders. Growth looks set to be huge.

And central to that will be harnessing the potential of IoT. Our own APAC IoT Barometer found three in four businesses agreed that digital transformation is impossible without IoT. Those findings have been borne out in my discussions with the people I’ve met over the past few days.

On Thursday, Vodafone hosted an IoT Innovation Session with our partner China Mobile. Around 20 leading APAC businesses attended. During the session, we discussed the opportunities that IoT presents as well as how to overcome the challenges these businesses face in looking to expand their IoT offerings across the region and globally.

That’s why we believe our partnership with China Mobile is so important. It was a great opportunity for me to meet up with China Mobile to reinforce our already strong relationship and to show customers how they can benefit from that partnership.

We believe our partnership is a truly exciting opportunity to bring something new to China. As well as having the best connectivity at home, businesses wanting to offer IoT-enabled products outside of the region will be able to use Vodafone’s IoT managed connectivity platform. One local connection will provide access to one connected global market. That’s going to mean businesses in the region will be able to shape a lot of innovation in IoT — we’re excited to be sharing the journey with them. And, of course, our partnership will also benefit customers elsewhere in the world wanting to expand into China.

Mobile World Congress China 2018 was an extremely innovative and informative event. I had many good discussions about technology innovation and saw first-hand just how enthusiastically Chinese businesses are embracing digital transformation. I’m leaving Shanghai with many new contacts, several new opportunities to follow up on, and an even greater sense of how our partnership with China Mobile will help us to meet the needs of businesses wanting to do more with IoT.

Read our ‘Land of Opportunity’ whitepaper to find out more about the IoT opportunity in China.

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