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Introducing the Gigabit Society series: a conversation about the future

For thirty years, Vodafone has developed globally leading communications infrastructure and connectivity solutions with one clear goal in mind.

The Gigabit Society is our vision. A world in which data and knowledge is available everywhere.

There is no doubt that the Gigabit Society is the future: it will soon revolutionise industries and change lives around the world, and we want to help you get ready for it.

Vodafone’s Gigabit Society series brings together thought leaders around the world to share their views and insights on how businesses and societies are changing in the digital world, and how to prepare for the future opportunities and challenges of the Gigabit Society.

We are creating a conversation about the future, and we want you – the leaders of transformation – to join in. Together with futurists, technologists, scientists and community members, we will look at real-world examples of how enterprises and communities around the world are innovating to make the opportunities of the Gigabit Society a reality, today.

In areas such as medicine, transport and education, increased data speeds are already empowering technologies to change lives, and are in turn enabling the development of new technological possibilities in the near future.

Our vision of the Gigabit Society will impact businesses in three main areas. We believe businesses will drive disruption, innovation and positive change in each:

  • Future of Work. With enhanced communications, employees can collaborate better and be more productive with easier access to other people, information, resources and intelligent services – from anywhere and at any time.
  • Enterprise 4.0. With everything in the Gigabit Workplace seamlessly connected, businesses will benefit from improved operational agility throughout the entire enterprise. And with the empowerment brought by increasingly-influential technologies in artificial intelligence and data analytics, business leaders will have the ability to make smarter and more accurate decisions.
  • Connected Customers. Businesses in the Gigabit Society will have the ability to develop meaningful and mutually-rewarding relationships with their customers. Through the secure, ethical and transparent use of data, enterprises can serve customer needs better by developing an improved understanding of what they want.

Ultimately, enterprises that embrace the benefits of the Gigabit Society today will enjoy a sustainable advantage over competitors as we head into the business world of tomorrow.

The Gigabit Society series will provide the unique opportunity for us to join together and shape the future. Through action and discussion, and sharing and learning, we will use technology to drive positive change in organisations and communities throughout the world. 

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