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Impressive start for NB-IoT Open Labs


IoT Blog | April, 2017

pesron-IoT-Impressive start for NB-IoT Open Labs

Luke Ibbetson

Director of Research & Development, Vodafone Group

Impressive start for NB-IoT Open Labs.

Our Narrowband-IoT Open Lab initiative with Huawei is giving our clients the opportunity to explore the possibilities of NB-IoT. The first lab in Newbury, UK has been so successful that we opened another in Dusseldorf, Germany in February 2017.

inbodyimage1-IoT-Impressive start for NB-IoT Open Labs

What is Narrowband-IoT?

Today, roughly 6.5 billion things are connected to the internet. This sounds like a lot, but it’s less than 1% of those that could be connected. NB-IoT is an exciting development that could help connect more of the 99%.

inbodyimage2-IoT-Impressive start for NB-IoT Open Labs

And it’s gaining momentum. This year NB-IoT took centre stage at Mobile World Congress. Here our live demos tracked connected sensors to detect noise and air pollution. We showed how lost luggage is going to be a thing of the past. And we illustrated how waste sensors connected by NB-IoT can monitor the fill levels of rubbish bins.

inbodyimage3-IoT-Impressive start for NB-IoT Open Labs

NB-IoT Open Labs: our first year

25th April 2017 marks the first year of the NB-IoT Open Lab. During this time, we’ve made significant steps forward.

We’ve helped to deliver end-to-end solutions for a wide range of companies from various market segments and product categories including: utilities, smart cities, track & trace, agriculture, and smart grids. In fact, over 115 different companies have visited our NB-IoT Open Lab sites over the past year, with many carrying out prototype and pre-integration tests.

“Vodafone/Huawei NB-IoT Open Labs significantly accelerated the development and testing of our Smart Agri device. By using NB-IoT we can measure and transmit air humidity, temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, precipitation, soil humidity and other soil parameters, with substantially lower power consumption.”

Gottfried Pessl,
Pessl Instruments

Our Lab offers visitors the opportunity to broaden their expertise and test their solutions. As well as have access to our IoT experts, the Lab gives developers, system integrators and device, module and chip manufacturers the chance to use a real Huawei network infrastructure environment. Here they can validate real world performance as well as accelerate solution development. And to help more companies exchange ideas and develop new connected products and services, we opened our second NB-IoT Open Lab in Germany where we are working with Nokia, Ericson and Huawei.

“At Diehl Metering we were able to accelerate the testing of NB-IoT connectivity for Metering Applications using the Vodafone/Huawei NB-IoT Open Lab”

Jörg Feuchtmeier,
Diehl Metering GmbH

This is just the start

If you want to realise the opportunities that NB-IoT offers, why not arrange a visit? Join us and we’ll show you so much more about NB-IoT and the potential of low-power deployments. To visit an NB-IoT Open Lab and see NB-IoT in action, just email us

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