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How LLS stays connected to empower tomorrow’s sports professionals

30 Jan 2020
Iris Meijer

Iris Meijer

Chief Marketing Officer,
Vodafone Business

Jordan Wright

Jordan Wright

Co-Founder, LLS

It was at school that Jordan Wright met fellow LLS Co-Founder Joe Mulhearn.

The pair bonded over their passion for sports and during university, after identifying a gap in the market for a new sports coaching company, LLS was born.

Starting out with a bag of footballs and a cone, the organisation quickly became one of the UK’s fastest growing sports coaching and education companies.

Ten years down the line, LLS now has over 1,000 graduates, and offers its award-winning courses to students all over the world.

As part of our Next Generation of Business campaign, we wanted to share the brand’s story and explore how Vodafone One Net Business has helped Jordon and Joe scale their business while continuing to deliver a first-class service.

I visited the football pitch to see LLS in action and chat with Co-Founder Jordan Wright about how he and Joe have managed to keep that personal touch.


Image – LLS Co-Founders, Jordan Wright and Joe Mulhearn, training at Liverpool Hope University

Iris: What inspired you to start your own business?

Jordan: We’ve always loved sport. But growing up, it was a struggle getting access to the resources and expertise that would encourage our passion. So the business is our way of providing opportunities for the next generation that weren’t available to us.

Luckily, from an early age, we were surrounded by hard working role models and family members who had their own businesses – they gave us the confidence to start LLS.

Iris: What were the challenges that led you to work with Vodafone Business?

Jordan: Due to the rapid expansion of our business, we initially faced difficulties when it came to communicating with such a high volume of customers in real-time.

Vodafone Business implemented an infrastructure which enabled us to never miss a call. Thanks to their expertise, we’ve been able to scale the business without any major issues and without losing that personal touch.

Iris: How did the partnership alter the trajectory of LLS?

Jordan: Using connected solutions, we were able to manage a larger volume of calls with our stakeholders and unite our staff at crucial points in our development.

With the support of Vodafone Business, our team developed more effective ways of working both within and outside of the office. We’re also now able to track and monitor the progress of our students in real-time.

Crucially, this has meant we have been able to extend our reach across the globe and nationally, training in countries like Africa and America and with expansions into South Wales and London planned for later this year. This wasn’t something we initially thought was possible, so we are really thrilled to have accomplished this.

Iris: How does your programme prepare students for the future?

Jordan: Our innovative programmes ensure our students create unique CVs through meaningful and global experiences. This ‘winning formula’, if implemented in the right manner, brings them to the front of the queue in their preferred industry.

Our students feel more confident due to the variety of opportunities they’ve had, which not only enhance their employability, but also broaden their perspective of the world around them.

Iris: What would you say makes LLS a next generation business and what challenges do you see ahead?

Jordan: LLS is a forward-thinking organisation with a highly motivated and experienced team. We’re driven by the knowledge that we’re paving the way for future sports industry leaders.

We know from first-hand experience that athletes need to make sacrifices, work hard and build a professional network. You need a lot of confidence to succeed in this business. And as industry leaders, this is exactly what we give our students.

Moving forward, national and global growth is still very much a focus, as we aim to reach as many students as possible. Challenges will always arise, but we’re confident that our diverse team will approach them head-on.

We’re also excited to continue working with Vodafone Business. Providing a great customer service that is personal for our students and their parents will always be at the heart of our organisation and, as we continue to grow, I’m reassured that we have a reliable and experienced partner who’ll enable us to maintain our high levels of service.

Like Jordan, Vodafone Business is passionate about helping its customers fulfil their potential, giving them the right skills and infrastructure to confidently overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

Discover how One Net can unify your communications and take your business to the next level.

How LLS is using connected solutions to empower tomorrow’s sports professionals

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