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Getting a smarter grip on ventilation with intelligent window handles

04 Jun 2021
Phil Skipper

Phil Skipper

Head of Strategy, Vodafone Business IoT

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has caused widespread disruption but as lockdown restrictions start to ease and workers return to office buildings, businesses need to plan and prepare to ensure safety in the workplace.

We have already seen connected devices such as heat detection cameras running on the Internet of Things (IoT) play a big role in getting businesses back to work safely, but what about other use cases.

Warmth and humidity are a breeding ground for dangerous viruses such as COVID-19, the flu and mould, so could better ventilation via smart technology be the simple solution?

A breath of fresh air

In Germany, we have been working with Smart Klima, to launch KLIMAGRIFF®, an intelligent window handle designed to simplify ventilation issues.

Using built-in sensors, the KLIMAGRIFF® is attached to the window handle where it measures and monitors the condition of the room air, warning if the threshold values such as CO2 content or humidity are exceeded.

If the air is thick, the climatic handle reports that a window should be opened and provides relevant information for efficient, climate-friendly ventilation. It works by sending the data collected to the cloud via a built-in Vodafone SIM card using Narrowband IoT technology, meaning ventilation behaviour can be easily analysed and improved— which is both beneficial for the environment and your annual heating costs.

The device also uses simple emojis as a visual way to feedback on the air condition. If, however, abnormalities from the desired air standard are detected, it will sound an alarm.

The continuous monitoring of the CO2 concentration and the push notification service will help businesses to ventilate regularly and several times during the day.

And in the future, the device can also be monitored via a mobile app, which will give users greater flexibility to manage this while on the move.

Benefits to the planet and productivity

The issue of climate change has become much more significant and urgent in recent years.

The public are more vocal about their expectations for action, regulation has increased, and businesses are expected to be more proactive. Add to this the concerns of the current pandemic, and it has become clear that smart technology is helping businesses gain better control.

Using this tool can not only provide fresh air but can save energy by recovering heat and filtering the air naturally.

Effective air ventilation systems can also improve health, concentration, generate higher levels of satisfaction within an environment and reduce exposure to a wide range of air pollutants.

Therefore, the development of the climate control is being implemented in co-creation with the UPLIFT sales partner IOX GmbH from Düsseldorf.

Vodafone UPLIFT is the accelerator program from Vodafone Germany, which promotes promising and innovative young companies and start-ups and actively supports them in their developments.

Through greater collaboration, businesses can work together to overcome critical global challenges through improving wide-reaching environmental, social and economic issues. This will help to connect people and create a better, cleaner future for all.

Find out more about how IoT can help drive your business forward, and achieve your own sustainability goals.

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