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Get results from IoT faster

Niklas Ekarv

Niklas Ekarv

Head of IoT Product and Portfolio Management


The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an unstoppable force. 84% of adopters agree their use of IoT solutions has grown in the last 12 months, and 12% now have at least 10,000 connected devices.1 This rate of adoption means your speed to market is more important than ever. We’ve partnered with Sodaq to deliver development kits and help companies like you simplify and accelerate the deployment of IoT solutions — whether it’s your first or your fiftieth.

Reliable, cost-effective development

IoT development kits can give you a head start on building proof of concepts and prototype solutions. Our boards are built on Arduino technology and u-Blox modules, so you can connect almost any sensor easily — and they come with built-in accelerometers and GPS for movement and location detection.

Of course, an IoT solution wouldn’t be much good if it couldn’t connect to anything. Our development boards come ready to connect to our Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) network — everything you need is on-board, you just run through a simple configuration. And this is what truly differentiates our offering.

NB-IoT is a Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) networking technology, which is already available in many countries and being rolled out in even more. It provides the reliable connectivity you need to build mission-critical IoT solutions. It’s specially designed for low-bandwidth applications, and ideal for even remote and inhospitable locations. When you’re ready to take your solution into production, you won’t have to worry about testing with a new type of connectivity — a typical problem if you prototype using Wi-Fi, for example. And NB-IoT can scale to thousands and thousands of connections extremely easily.

Another benefit of being designed for IoT is that NB-IoT is optimised to reduce power use, meaning longer battery life. With LTE-grade security built-in, it will keep your customers’ data and your intellectual property safe. And when you’re ready to move to 5G, you’ll be a step ahead. The specs for 5G and NB-IoT are being developed in-line, to make it easy to use them together or move from one to the other.

Get started

Our NB-IoT-ready development kits provide a simple and cost-effective platform for prototyping and testing new IoT apps. For more information about Vodafone connectivity options or to purchase a development kit, please visit our NB-IoT homepage.

1 Vodafone IoT Barometer, 2017/18

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