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From smart parking to a virtual safety shield, here’s the lowdown on IoT from MWC 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most talked about areas of technology in recent years, and when you look at the business opportunities it offers, it’s easy to understand why.

Our 2019 IoT Barometer reveals that IoT adoption in the automotive sector is rising at a particularly significant rate, increasing to 36% this year. Over two thirds (86%) of businesses in this sector are using or plan to use the Internet of Things to increase revenue and differentiate their products.

These aren’t of course the only benefits that the automotive industry will derive from IoT. At Vodafone, we believe connected tech has a massive part to play in making road travel safer, cleaner, and ultimately a more pleasant experience.

That’s why our stand at last month’s Mobile World Congress was lined with new and exciting applications of the technology in this sector and we are very excited to give you a snapshot of what we saw there.

Driving Academy

Vodafone Driving Academy is a smartphone app that uses telematics to help drivers improve awareness of their own driving habits.

Every time you take a trip in your car, the Driving Academy grades your driving, giving a percentage score. This helps drivers become safer road users over time.

At MWC, we guided visitors through using the app on our show smartphone.  Hopefully lots of the MWC guests came away from the event better drivers!

IoT Smart Parking

Driving is a huge part of the automotive story, but what happens when you want to leave your car?

With our IoT parking sensor, you’ll have a full picture of parking spot occupancy ahead of time – so you can choose to park your car where you know  there’ll be a free space. This is a Narrow Band low-cost technology that vastly increases the efficiency of car parking, ideal for integrating into Smart City solutions.


ClimaCell provides a highly accurate weather forecast minute by minute for a 6 hours’ window. This enables drivers to make better decisions about when and where to travel, or how to prepare for their journey. For example, by equipping the car with the right type of tyres.

The system will even send an alert if an unexpected change of weather is happening during the route chosen.

Informed drivers make better decisions. In this way, ClimaCell is helping people to become better and safer drivers – whatever the weather.

Continental Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Safety Shield

When all cars are connected, they will be able to predict the movements of other vehicles on the road – and ensure they don’t collide with them. But will this be possible for pedestrians too?

Using artificial intelligence developed by our partner Continental, we’ve prototyped a virtual safety shield for pedestrians that will reduce the number of accidents in urban areas in the emerging era of autonomous vehicles.

The demo explained how artificial intelligence is hosted in the Vodafone network and is able to process live video streams from connected vehicles in order to classify behaviour of pedestrians and alert a vehicle in quasi real-time.

Showcasing IoT at MWC

At Vodafone Business, we’re naturally excited about the growth in mobile technology.

We believe IoT can be utilised to improve our world. The automotive industry is a clear example of this.

We’re excited to continue working within the automotive space to develop solutions that will make cars and roads better.

It’s clear there’s a lot to be discovered about automotive IoT – and MWC was the perfect place to showcase this!

For more information on all our news from MWC19, please visit our dedicated microsite.

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