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Digital for Green: How technology can enable a more sustainable future

03 Mar 2022

Vinod Kumar

CEO, Vodafone Business

Organisations globally agree that sustainability is a key strategic goal, but over the last year, we discovered many have struggled to dedicate time to it as, understandably, business continuity took priority.

It is time to bring this back up the agenda.

During Mobile World Congress this year, we’ll be looking to engage with customers, partners and stakeholders on the topic of Digital for Green and the innovations in AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G that give us the opportunity to do things differently. To do things better.

Green operator

Our exhibition stand has been divided into three distinct areas: 'green society', 'green operator' and 'circular economy'.

Highlighting environmental care and the protection of the natural ecosystem, the ‘green operator’ area will showcase how a drone-based early-warning system can help tackle wildfires and the first connected smart forest.

Alongside this, our work with revolutionary platform, MyFarmWeb, will also be on show.

A digital precision farming platform that collects data from IoT sensors, it lets farmers make faster and better-informed decisions, maximising their efficiency while reducing waste and environmental impact.

Already used by 7,200 farmers across the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, MyFarmWeb will now be available in Europe too. Seamus O’Mahony from Dairygold Agri Business and dairy farmer Douglas from County Cork tell us more:

Digital for Green_MWC Blog

Circular economy

As a mobile first company, we are aware of the impact devices can have on the environment, which is why we’re working hard to act more sustainably, ensuring that the mobile industry minimises waste and further reduces carbon emissions.

Through our Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) green offering, we encourage our business customers to extend the life of their devices at the end of their contract while making it easier for them to buy and own refurbished ones.

As part of the stand’s demos, we will showcase our device lifecycle strategy so that everyone can see what happens to a phone when it is being refurbished, from start to finish. After undergoing a secure data wipe and being restored to the original settings, old devices are either re-used or stripped down for precious metals for re-use. This means the minerals go back into the value chain and e-waste is reduced.

Additionally, we will have a Cloud Smartphone demo showing a concept to redesign smartphones by moving processing to the cloud, simplifying processing power and making them far less prone to becoming outdated and obsolete.

Green society

Finally, our 'green society' area will show how technologies benefitting the planet also improve society’s quality of life.

For example, we will show how 5G, when paired with IoT sensors and the Cloud, can collect coastal cliff ground motion data. This will allow academics, businesses and local authorities to adopt smarter approaches to monitoring environmental and public safety issues.

When looking at energy waste, transport is now one of the largest sources of emissions. One of our demonstrations will show that using mobile private networks (MPN) can improve our railway services – the most sustainable mode of transport – by identifying potential failures and maintenance needs in advance, which, as a result, can help reduce greenhouse gases.

We will also display our mobile network base stations that are self-powered by renewables. Reducing our energy consumption, these sites do not need to connect to the electricity grid, overcoming the engineering challenges of building sites in rural locations.

Sustainability centre stage

As for the stand itself, this is built from sustainable and recyclable materials, including untreated pine that can be reused in the future.

ISO 20121 certified, it features a six-metre vertical garden, the plants of which will be donated at a later date, and a sculpture made from recycled telephones which will be donated to the Red Cross at the end of the show.



Fully committed to sustainability, we are working hard to minimise our own impact on the planet but are helping our customers prioritise and achieve greater sustainability too.

We hope to build a society focused on socio-economic progress that welcomes people but not at a cost to the planet.

Learn more about our presence at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022 or come visit us in Hall 3, Stand 3E11.

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