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‘Culture eats strategy for lunch’: Why you need to love your rule-breakers

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How strict are your business practices? How locked down are the rules and processes? The reason we ask is simple: in a time when surviving the ongoing digital revolution means changing and adapting quickly, it’s never been more vital to embrace and encourage the free-thinkers within your company.

But is that easier said than done? Or is there a very real, pragmatic way to use emerging tech to your advantage? Read on to find out…

A new breed of heroes in the corporate world

At Vodafone we love bringing bright minds together. That’s why, each year, we run our ‘Customer Advisory Board’ – bringing together executives from our multinational corporate customers with our own senior leadership team to debate the opportunities and challenges facing global businesses. And, to distil everything discussed, our recent board at ESTEC – the European Space Agency’s Innovation Centre in Amsterdam – has resulted in the creation of a brand new report in partnership with Alain De Botton’s School of Life in London: