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Connectivity Creates Community

07 Dec 2021
David Joosten

David Joosten

Regional Director, Vodafone Americas & Partner Markets

Reliable connectivity and innovative technologies have the power to build efficient, resilient communities around the world.

It all starts with mobile, fixed and satellite networks that lay the foundations for seamless communication.

This allows anyone, including developing nations, non-profit groups, and local initiatives, to harness connectivity and the latest technologies to do more. It can help support communities by reducing energy consumption and emissions, boosting staff safety, improving citizen healthcare and providing new ways to teach and learn.

But, implementing the right infrastructure, systems, and solutions on such a large scale is a huge task, and requires a reliable technology partner to manage the process.

At Vodafone, we provide dedicated support to the International Public Sector, establishing essential digital infrastructure and developing new solutions that help improve operations.

It’s one of my favourite things about the work we do – equipping organisations like NGOs, governments, and defence forces with tools that transform the way they work, allowing them to operate efficiently and make positive change.

Access for all

To advance international development efforts, digital tools are needed to not only connect people across the world, but also create new ways to improve health, education, equality, and economic growth.

Collaborating closely with our partners, we help the United Nations and other development organisations to use technology to break down barriers and drive inclusion for all.

Across Africa, we’ve helped 3.5 million students gain access to free digital learning to date and over 19.5 million people in South Africa have been vaccinated using mVacciNation: our digital application and tracking service.

In addition, 50 million people are benefitting from increased financial inclusion with our mobile money service, M-PESA and through our 2Africa cable, we’re investing in a 37,000 km fibre-optic subsea cable that improves internet access for local businesses and communities in parts of Europe and Africa.

Furthermore, our Connected Education offering allows us to support over 800,000 students across 9 countries and we have a goal to connect 5 million students and educators by 2025.

Tackling community issues

With advances in technology, governments now have new and effective ways to tackle the biggest issues our communities face, from climate change to public health and safety.

With our global footprint, and teams on the ground all around the world, we connect embassies and support diplomatic missions in 170 countries.

Working with EU institutions and agencies, Departments of State and Ministries of Foreign Affairs we help drive progress, add operational value, and transform public services in new and exciting ways.

For example, in Greece, our telemedicine initiative encouraged remote consultation and reduced hospital visits by 75% and working with Deloitte we’re planning to bring more care to people, when and where they need it. And when it comes to climate change, we’re working with local authorities to protect our forests and coastlines and to reduce water consumption. 

In addition, our smart cities solutions around the world are helping to boost efficiency, save resources and improve the safety of citizens and in Guadalajara, Mexico, streetlight energy consumption fell by 68% due to the installation of smart lighting.

Keeping people safe

With new threats emerging every day, it’s becoming harder to keep nations, and their people, safe.

Having worked with defence organisations for over 20 years, we understand the unique challenges that come with front line operations, such as the need for effective communication in remote locations, and the importance of getting things right first time.

We’re committed to providing solutions that best meet these needs, to ensure the safety and success of missions from the base to the battlefield. 

For example, with global connectivity that covers hard-to-reach places, local expertise that supports the success of ground operations and 5G networks that remove last-mile limitations. Or new technologies like virtual reality headsets that simulate the threat landscape and IoT wearables for soldiers to monitor their health.

Plus, with commercial rates that save up to 70% in costs, we can help make valuable resources stretch further.

Together we can connect for a better future

Reliable technology can change lives for the better. It creates efficiencies that help us do more with less, connects people around the world for effective collaboration, and reframes our definition of what is possible.

We’re excited to see what the digital future holds, and how we can work together to find new and exciting solutions to help solve the International Public Sector’s biggest challenges.

Find out more about our work in the International Public Sector. Or to see how we’re doing more than you think, watch our latest video.

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