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Choosing the right telematics solution

Marco Canesi

Marco Canesi

Head of Product Management


Graziano Mangiarotti

Graziano Mangiarotti

Head of Manufacturing Technology

Today’s telematic devices have become sophisticated enough to give drivers real-time feedback on their driving, report on mileage and fuel consumption, predict when repairs will be needed and map smart routes through traffic. It’s no surprise then that insurers, automotive companies and fleet managers are rushing to capitalise on the benefits of this technology. Consumer demands are also driving this shift, as millennials and Generation Z seek new, exciting and convenient automotive experiences.

Growing demand for telematics

Selling a car today is as much about the software and services it’s equipped with as the performance of the car itself. That’s why all the major automotive manufacturers are using telematics to provide value-added services enabling safe, secure and flexible mobility. These services include emergency calls, early warnings about potential dangers on the roads, vehicle maintenance and stolen vehicle tracking.

Here at Vodafone Automotive, we’ve positioned our company as a centre of technical excellence. We offer our customers the most innovative systems and services designed for the automotive sector. More than ever, we’re focused on the technology of the future — by investing in new opportunities and applying different technologies in the automotive environment. This includes the design and production of telematics devices, electronics systems and a range of highly reliable sensors and applications.

The design approach we take with our telematics product platforms is in response to a rapidly changing and expanding market. Vehicle manufacturers, public authorities, insurance companies and fleet managers have all expressed their intention to use telematics to monitor green driving, improve road safety, protect vehicles and offer tailored insurance policies. And those are just a few examples of the applications that can be developed.

With such wide applications, the biggest question isn’t whether you should be using telematics; it’s which solution is the best for your needs.

Three key things to look out for


How easy is the telematics device to install? Traditionally, there have been a number of barriers to contend with — including the cost of installation and the need to work with automotive manufacturers or third-party technicians. Today, solutions are available that can be fitted by anyone in just a matter of minutes. That can prove a much more attractive proposition for a first-time driver, or a fleet manager who needs to equip multiple vehicles with a telematics solution.


Once you’ve installed a device you don’t want to find yourself limited by its functionality. It’s important to choose something built to recognised standards that’s interoperable with other systems. That way you won’t miss out on new services. You should also consider how easy it will be to update devices once they’re installed — with older systems, the entire telematics may have to be ripped and replaced, forcing companies or individuals to experience downtime and pay the new installation costs.


Reliability of your telematics device and the connectivity you’re using is paramount. That’s especially the case when it comes to mission critical services — for example, when an accident occurs. The privacy of telematics data is also important. Consumers may only be willing to use the technology if they’re reassured that it has robust security and data-privacy features built in. That means looking for a provider with a proven track record — both in the reliability of its hardware and network.

Making telematics easy

Vodafone Automotive’s portfolio of devices provide the reliability you need to take full advantage of telematics. Our end-to-end solutions provide everything you need — from the hardware and telematics platform, to data analytics and service delivery.


You can trust our solutions. We have almost 20 years of experience in developing telematics solutions and have developed long-term partnerships with the major European and Asian vehicle manufacturers. We’re recognised as a preferred supplier by global vehicle manufacturers including General Motors, Mercedes, Honda, Porsche, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen. And we hold UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949:2016 certification.

We take a security by design approach to all our solutions, as well as opening them to third-party architectures. And it’s easy to update our devices using over the air provisioning (OTAP). That means you can upgrade without having to take vehicles off the road for long periods of time.

Our latest offering: the Battery Fitted Box

We have solutions for automotive manufacturers and fleet managers, but our latest offering, the Battery Fitted Box, has been designed specifically for the insurance and fleet markets. It makes it easier than ever for insurers to implement telematics policies, encourage better driving and offer reward programs for good drivers. And it enables fleet managers to quickly equip multiple vehicles with telematics. The device doesn’t require professional installation — it can be installed by anyone, and set up should take less than five minutes. It comes with an installation wizard and mobile app, making the entire process as simple as possible.

Once you have the Battery Fitted Box up and running, you’ll benefit from its data compatibility features, which cover all of the main European markets. This means you can transmit data from the box to your system efficiently and securely, even if your offices and vehicles are spread across several European countries. And a rechargeable back-up battery keeps the device live in case of battery disconnection.

Telematics are the future of automotive — and the Battery Fitted Box is a simple way for insurers to accelerate your journey.

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