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Blockchain, IoT and 5G, the new business powerhouse: Vodafone on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast

12 Jun 2020

David Palmer

Blockchain lead for IoT, Vodafone Business

When most people first started hearing about Blockchain, it was through eye-catching big statements. Boom and bust cryptocurrencies, erasing the economy as we know it and forcing banks to disappear almost overnight.

Brilliant stories and discussions, but not much more than that.

But behind the headlines, long and careful study has made it clear that for the most part blockchain will complement our existing structures, not remove them.

Now if you’re wondering, what is blockchain and what does it mean for people and businesses, the key element to keep in mind is trust. Trust that a person you’ve never met can pay you, for example, because blockchain guarantees they have the required funds available.

Human trust has been the cornerstone of trade since trade began, but in the digital world of today, machines need to be able to trust each other too.

That’s why I was really excited to join Neil C Hughes on the Tech Talks Daily podcast to explore how blockchain is set to help IoT, AI and 5G create the connected society of tomorrow.

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