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Analysys Mason puts Vodafone at the top of the pack for IoT in Asia-Pacific


IoT Blog | June, 2017


Justin Nelson

IoT Head of Sales, Asia-Pacific

Analysys Mason puts Vodafone at the top of the pack for IoT in Asia-Pacific

Analysys Mason has identified Vodafone as excelling in IoT in Asia-Pacific. Justin Nelson, Vodafone’s Head of Sales in the region, explains why.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is possibly the biggest force for change since the internet itself. It’s having an impact on every industry — providing more efficient ways of working and the basis for new products and services.

How can you drive your IoT strategy forward and make sure your first forays into IoT are a success? The bedrock of any IoT project is access to a reliable network — one that’s built to handle thousands of connected devices. That makes your choice of communication service provider critical. According to Analysys Mason, Vodafone is one of just two IoT pioneers in emerging Asia-Pacific. And, as it’s a specialist in IoT, you can trust its views.

It’s not just size

We haven’t made it into the top two just because we’re big. Sure, you can rely on the fact that we have excellent network coverage in the Asia-Pacific region — and globally. But Analysys Mason’s IoT Scorecard 2017 doesn’t rank based on size alone. It also looks at: strategy and vision; structure and organisation; ecosystem and partnership; network status and technology; and capabilities and portfolio. We had high scores in every area.

When you’re investing in new technologies, you want a safe pair of hands — a partner you can trust to execute your plans. Analysys Mason has confirmed that we excel at both strategy and execution in Asia-Pacific — in fact, we were top for strategy. And it ranked us highly for our structure and organisation too, highlighting the fact we operate a separate IoT business dedicated to driving IoT forward. It also gave us a high ranking for investing in partnerships with other key players in the region. Those partnerships put us in the best possible position to support your IoT strategy.

Pioneers in networks for IoT

Analysys Mason comments that many of the operators it surveyed have strong portfolios — but ours stood out. That’s “… thanks to the bold moves they have made to support IoT-specific wide-area networks”. We’ve made significant investments to put ourselves at the forefront of developments in NB-IoT. We believe this will underpin future industrial-grade IoT deployments.

Think of the IoT sensors gathering data on the condition of gas or oil pipelines. The network connecting these can be low bandwidth as just a few bytes of data will be transmitted by each device. But it needs to provide strong coverage, over large areas — even when devices are buried underground. It needs to be low-power so devices can run on batteries for 10 years or more. It needs to be able to connect thousands of devices at once. And it needs to be cost-effective. That’s NB-IoT. And we’re the pioneers.

You can find out more about the Analysys Mason IoT Scorecard 2017.

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