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A workforce fit for tomorrow


We’re on the cusp of a new era in business productivity, as M2M - enabled solutions open up the possibilities of new - and better - ways of working.

This new breed of digital businesses will deploy many low-cost, connected sensors that can continuously monitor operations, and even respond automatically. Already, 40% of businesses are considering using sensors to gather intelligence and equip their workforce with better insight.

This digital sixth sense optimises business performance, helping companies to automate a multitude of processes that would otherwise require manual intervention. But digital businesses are about so much more than automation: they give staff the information when they need it, so they can use their skills more effectively.

Reimagining industry

Vodafone has always understood that technology is central to many people’s jobs. From mobile devices and access to business applications, to unified communications, M2M and cloud; Vodafone helps people to get things done more effectively through using technology.

Today, the combination of collaboration technology and M2M is transforming businesses — supporting faster and better decision-making in every industry.

In retail, smartphone-based footfall analysis is giving shop floor staff more granular insight into who’s coming into their stores — helping them improve their displays, and their understanding of visitor demographics.

In healthcare, connected medical devices enable medics to precisely monitor their patients, even when those patients are in their own homes.

In manufacturing, products with embedded sensors can provide continuous status updates, ensuring maintenance crews are only deployed when signs of a failure are detected.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Vodafone showed technology that can help to deliver and manage this productive workforce partnership including:

  • Our M2M mHealth solutions provide flexible options to enable remote patient monitoring and patient engagement services.
  • Our Global M2M Platform, which simplifies the management of M2M solutions, enabling businesses to manage, track and control their entire M2M estate centrally. The platform gives visibility and control of your M2M devices anywhere within our global footprint.

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