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Vodafone named a Leader in Transforma Insights ‘Communications Service Provider (CSP) IoT Peer Benchmarking Report 2023’

05 Jun 2023

The Internet of Things (IoT) sector is in the midst of a period of great change. The exponential growth of the sector, emerging new business use cases, and the need to connect even more devices in even more countries comes brings with it some new complexities - but also many more opportunities for our customers.

Driven by a surging 5G sector that has seen advances in network deployment, the global IoT industry has continued to mature over the last year, with companies more focused on operational efficiencies, reducing costs and increasing revenue and profit. Something we also can’t forget is as Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more established, many companies are also working to accelerate the rate that IoT-derived data can be analysed and turned into useful insights.

IoT connectivity is at the precipice of the next evolution of digital transformation and that’s why we’re delighted to be named as a ‘Leader’ in Transforma Insights ‘Communications Service Provider (CSP) IoT Peer Benchmarking Report 2023’.

Transforma Insights assesses each vendor across two dimensions. First relates to pure IoT Connectivity, including factors such as:

  • How multi-country connectivity is addressed
  • Scalability and mechanisms for global traffic management and features.

Second, they look at those factors that are immediately adjacent to other Service Domains in IoT, including cloud/edge, security, compliance and contextualisation.

We couldn’t be prouder to have been rated the highest overall vendor in analysis across both IoT Connectivity and IoT services!


As referenced within the report, “Vodafone has long established its position as the leading global IoT connectivity provider. It has a strong network footprint, complemented by an extensive range of partners, aligned with a technology roadmap pushing IoT networks, most prominently NB-IoT.

The running of its own connectivity management platform, GDSP, has proved to be a benefit given the ongoing disruption in the CMP space. It has built on this capability with application enablement and vertical-specific platform capabilities. It has a broad range of vertical end-to-end solutions in automotive, mining and fleet, amongst others.”

We’ll continue to work with customers to unleash their full potential with our leading IoT Connectivity, harnessing our unrivalled expertise and support; helping to develop new markets and business models that drive our customers stay competitive in a hyperconnected future.

While the landscape continues to shift and challenges old and new arise, our IoT ecosystem is backed by our secure and reliable network across the world. It covers over 190 countries and multiple types of connection, from high bandwidth 4G and 5G to Narrowband-IoT.

We’re committed to making IoT simple to deploy and manage for businesses, through our digital platform as well as our support and services. Whatever industry, size or market, we can deliver more intelligent IoT connectivity fit for your business.

To read the full report, please see here:

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