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Vodafone extends its lead in Machina Research’s M2M leaderboard

Analyst View

Analyst Views | October 2013

Vodafone M2M has extended its lead in M2M according to a recent Research Note by Machina Research. The note examines the impact of the last few months’ developments in M2M on the likely success of individual MNOs.

inbodyimage-M2M-Vodafone extends its lead in Machina

According to Machina Research Vodafone has been setting the pace in M2M in the last few months, with several announcements that either directly, or indirectly, impact its capabilities in the M2M space.

Jim Morrish, Director, Machina Research, said; ‘Vodafone has opened up its lead over other MNOs, due mainly to its alliance with Datora Mobile in Brazil. Brazil represents a very significant opportunity for M2M due to its absolute size and potential economic growth rate.’

According to Machina Research, Vodafone’s entrance into the domestic Korean M2M market is also a sensible and pragmatic move, and one that underlines its global ambitions.

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Read the full Research Note (Machina Research subscription required.)

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Vodafone was named as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global in 2018

Vodafone is qualified as a preferred supplier by major global vehicle manufacturers

Vodafone's high speed and low latency internet capacity has 28Tbps capacity worldwide