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Ovum recognises the (Project) Spring in Vodafone’s step in Asia

Analyst View

Ovum’s take on what Vodafone’s investments into Asia mean for multinationals looking for total communications service providers with global capabilities and deep regional reach.

"Vodafone has a spring in its step in Asia Pacific,” says a recent report by Ovum. The report suggests why “the (Project Spring) investment currently being undertaken will expand, enhance, and extend network and capabilities across the entire Vodafone organisation, with an anticipated impact on all enterprise customers across the board."

Key highlights from the report

  • Ovum believes that Vodafone’s many unique assets in Asia-Pacific could help it differentiate itself in the marketplace. Its focus on communications services rather than offering the entire ICT stack of capabilities is refreshing. Enhancing core capabilities can pay dividends as MNCs continue to demand state-of-the-art resilient network services and newer technologies layered on top of the networks.
  • Ovum views the integration of C&W into Vodafone as a resounding success for several reasons. Its mobile heritage has allowed Vodafone to have a much broader conversation with its existing customer base as well as new prospects.
  • Vodafone is a leader in managed mobility in the Asia-Pacific region based on the number of devices under its management and its strength in telecoms expense management.
  • M2M has attracted plenty of attention from all the global service providers and integrators in Asia-Pacific. Vodafone’s mobile assets in the region have allowed it to have both a global and localized strategy, with a string of successes in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and India. Vodafone’s M2M game plan is to carefully move up the value chain by providing solutions for its customers in select industries. The company’s acquisition of Cobra is squarely part of that plan.

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