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Ovum market landscape - digital workspace

05 Sep 2019

Independent analyst firm Ovum examines the concept of the digital workspace and what it means for businesses who recognise the need to digitally transform. This detailed report explores the definitions of the term, as well as the many aspects which must be considered when implementing a comprehensive digital workspace strategy.

This includes the impact of enabling a mobile workforce, how the introduction of emerging technologies can be introduced in a controlled, low risk manner and the power of flexible working environments to transform the concept of a physical office.

Ovum also make a number of recommendations for enterprises to consider when undertaking such significant change. These include strategies for selecting vendors and service providers that can deliver relevant business impact, specifically:

  • Focusing on employee needs, working with HR and business unit heads to ensure systems and processes are in place to support and educate users, drive adoption, and measure effectiveness of new tools.
  • Providing experience and support for legacy systems, allowing businesses to focus on new projects.
  • Support for adopting a hybrid cloud model to ease modernisation of legacy systems, applications and workflows.
  • Development of industry-specific workspace solutions.

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