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Vodafone named a leader in enterprise mobility services by GlobalData

01 Apr 2022

GlobalData, the leading industry analyst firm, has named Vodafone Business as the global leader in enterprise mobility services.

The latest GlobalData “Global Enterprise Mobility Services Competitive Landscape Assessment” report evaluated companies on the strength of their network infrastructure, mobility services, mobile apps, operations and professional services.

We came in first, beating six other global telcos!

Kathryn Weldon, research director at GlobalData and author of the report, said: “Vodafone maintains its position as market leader in enterprise mobility services. It continues to enhance its enterprise mobility proposition, with many new capabilities added in 2021 across the product portfolio. The company has breadth, depth, and years of experience in managed mobility with an extensive global footprint. Vodafone is also a leader in 5G in Europe and it’s offering for private 4G/5G networks (Mobile Private Networks) provides it with a very strong position in this new and competitive market.”

You can read what GlobalData has to say about Vodafone by downloading the report.

We are supporting millions of people worldwide at tens of thousands of customers with our global mobile services. Using our always-on connectivity - whether it’s 4G, 5G or fixed - customers know they can reliably deliver high-quality digital experiences whenever and wherever they need them

Peter Terry-Brown, Director of Unified Communications and Connectivity for Vodafone Business

What do we think makes us stand out from the rest?

As the world's largest mobile service provider, mobile is at the heart of everything we do.

Our mobile network, connections and services are extensive, and we will support our customers, wherever they are or want to be. We provide secure, reliable, mobile connectivity, so their employees get a consistently excellent experience. We help our customers manage their devices in a smart way, reducing complexity and empowering people to work effectively and collaboratively in today’s hybrid workplaces.

Best network - We provide customers with the best network coverage around the world. We now provide 5G in 12 markets, covering 244 European cities. We have our own mobile networks in 21 countries, partnership agreements with local operators in another 47 countries and offer 4G roaming services in 168 countries.

Sustainable telecoms - We are committed to drive sustainability and reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040. We are already Europe's leading green network, powered by 100% renewable energy. In 2021, we launched our DLM Green zero carbon service, extending the lifetime of a device by redeploying and refurbishing end of life mobile phones and tablets and recycling devices that cannot be refurbished.

Device Lifecycle Management and Security - We help customers manage and secure their fleet of mobile devices. Our DLM (Device Lifecycle Management) service is our established, cost-effective and secure solution for customers to support all their device needs. Our UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) managed service provides cloud-based mobile device management so customers can remotely manage and secure their mobile phones and tablets.

Pricing and Spend Management - Customers benefit from competitive pricing, domestically and when roaming. Our Red Tariff continues to deliver the flexible, predictable pricing that our customers want and need. At the same time, our TEM solution provides them with transparency and granular detail on the bills so they can proactively manage their spend.

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