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Vodafone Business goes against the trend by making IoT a strategic priority

29 Apr 2020
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Pablo Tomasi
Senior Analyst, IoT

Vodafone is no rookie in IoT and its 99 million IoT connections make it the fourth largest IoT player by connections just behind the Chinese CSPs. Vodafone has been a firm supporter of NB-IoT and it currently has 16 live nationwide NB-IoT networks and NB-IoT roaming agreements both announced and in the pipeline. Vodafone has its own device management platform (GDSP) and a PTC’s ThingWorx based application development platform (App-Invent).

The strength of Vodafone’s IoT strategy is in the fact that each pillar is interrelated creating additional value. Vodafone has a vertical-focused strategy and aims to grow its business by delivering end-to-end solutions for selected …

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