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Best in class: What makes Vodafone ‘the most successful telco’ in the mobile workspace market?

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Getting your staff on the road with the latest, safest technology is no mean feat, which is why we believe that Vodafone’s Global Enterprise solutions – designed to easily modernise and mobilise your workforce – are pretty special. But then we probably would say that, wouldn’t we?

Thankfully though, you needn’t just take our word for it. Ovum, the market-leading research and consulting business focused on converging IT, telecoms and media markets, has recently declared Vodafone a European leader in the realm of mobile workspace solutions for 2016.

But how exactly have we pipped other Telcos to the post? And why should you choose Vodafone Global Enterprise for your company’s mobile workspace solutions? Read on to find out...

Understanding Ovum

As you’d expect from an industry market report 'Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Mobile Workspace Service Provider (MWSP) in Europe, 2016' is pretty comprehensive. But it’s also incredibly focussed. It’s one main job is to root through everything that Europe’s biggest MWSPs have on offer and dispel all that information into a straightforward conclusion, namely: which one offers the best, most robust and most cutting edge mobilisation service? And in this case the answer’s just as simple: Vodafone Global Enterprise.

It’s fantastic recognition of the success of our streamlined services, but before we explore why we’ve ranked so highly, we first need to answer one important question: how does Ovum’s scoring system work?

The Ovum report puts every level of a company’s mobile workspace solutions under the microscope, providing a qualitative score out of ten for each, which in turn informs Ovum’s overall score. Those different business areas come under three main banners:

1. Portfolio

Here Ovum looks at the breadth of solutions on offer, giving an overall idea of each Telco’s “current ability to provide workspace solutions and services for corporate and major public sector customers.” This includes connectivity, devices, apps, management, customer care and all other integrated solutions.

2. Strategy and vision

Think of ‘strategy and vision’ as each company’s ability to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s investment in next-gen technology, a clear roadmap for where we want to be, or simply a good understanding of what’s just around the corner, each Telco’s adaptability is given a score based on its “ability to act as long-term partners for their large enterprise customers.”

3. Execution

This is the real meat of the matter: how do we actually perform in the MWSP space? Ovum takes things like “customer wins, sales, operations, organization and management” into account to arrive at a conclusion about the company’s clout and raw ability to deliver on what it promises.

And that’s it: portfolio, strategy and vision, and execution – a rigorous audit of everything a European mobile workspace provider has in store. So how did Vodafone do?

Vodafone: “a proven track record”

Vodafone Global Enterprise was ranked up against our biggest competitors in the European MWSP marketspace. That’s AT&T, BT, Orange, Deutsche Telekom (DT), Telefonica and Verizon; each was examined with the same fine-tooth comb, which makes it all the more rewarding that Vodafone has been declared the overall market leader.

Speaking of our long heritage, the report says that “Vodafone was the first mobile operator group to recognize the specific issues that MNCs have in supporting mobility for employees across national borders,” adding that we’ve “focused on developing and delivering a globally consistent product,” and that our long history in mobile means that Vodafone has “advantages over its other fixed-network global competitors in this market”.

“Mobility is not an add-on feature,” Ovum continues, “nor does it sit in another parallel organization. Many of [Vodafone’s] enterprise services have been developed with mobility at their core. One example of this is One Net Enterprise, which benefits from deep IMS integration, enabling native mobile UC features on any device.”

The result? “Ovum believes that Vodafone is the most successful telco in the European managed mobile workspace market based on its win rate and the number of customers it has in its stable.”

The report goes on to assert that “Vodafone also has a sharp focus on corporate mobility,” and that we have “a proven track record here the other telcos have struggled to match.”

Keen to know more?

So why should you choose Vodafone Global Enterprise to help mobilise your workforce? If the above testimony hasn’t convinced you that we’re the smart choice, then the answer you’re looking for is just one click away...

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