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Securing the Internet of Things

Protecting your IoT devices, assets and data

Next-generation security for next-generation business assets

We are the world's largest supplier of IoT services, and that's a big security responsibility. We believe our scale, expertise and practical experience places our security services ahead of anyone else in a constantly evolving security environment.

Ways of walking

In our 2016 report, nearly a fifth of businesses said that concern about security breaches is a potential barrier to wider adoption of IoT in their organisation. A third said they were changing or restricting the scope of IoT projects to limit security risks. And more than half of businesses we talked to said they’re more concerned about IoT security risks than they've ever been.

Nobody can guarantee absolute security against these threats in an environment that changes and mutates every day. But you can take precautions to protect your operations, your data and your customers against deliberate attack, accident or disaster.

All businesses need confidence that their assets, systems and data are protected. That level of confidence is only possible if security is a key deliverable from day one. That’s why we’ve addressed security at each level within the platform. We’ve deployed the right technology and the right processes to achieve end-to-end security and answer the concerns of customers seeking to rapidly leverage the power of IoT.

We do this by:

Making sure security is deeply embedded in all areas of our business

Owning the infrastructure for seamless security

Supporting multiple layers of data protection

Planning and testing for end-to-end security

Constantly evolving our technology, process and detection capabilities

Operating scalable, resilient and secure global networks and data centres

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