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IoT Device Management

Take control of your devices and their security.


Simplify the management of your IoT device estate and optimise performance for better results at lower costs.

Managing all of your connected devices can be a handful. Devices are under continual risk of damage or misuse, and it can be challenging to understand if large, isolated deployments are all working correctly.

Remote device management removes these risks, creating a secure environment for security, analysis, fault detection, correction, and updates.

IoT device management offers complete control over devices, making them more resilient, reducing operational costs and optimising uptime.


Secure devices

Secure devices using remote alerts to reduce any risks, and control software updates, credentials and lock-downs.

Brand protection

Compromised devices can risk brand reputation through misuse, data loss or damage resulting in poor application service. Device Management enables you to secure your devices to protect the customer brand, reputation and NPS.

Reduced cost of ownership

Remote management of devices reduces the amount of engineer effort required to maintain the device estate. Engineers don’t need to physically visit a device to manage or update it, thereby saving the significant time required to visit installation sites in person. Devices can be managed as groups, reducing the time required to manipulate multiple devices.

Scalable as IT estate grows

Scale IoT device management as your business grows. Plan for the future by simply extending to new devices and protocols as required.

Faster speed to market

With less integration and development required, new device types can be rolled out by customers to the market more quickly and at a reduced cost.

Reduced device downtime

Increased knowledge of a device’s state and the ability to remotely manage and troubleshoot devices results in an overall reduction of device downtime.


Optimise performance

Device firmware and applications can be updated remotely to save time. As a result, the device performance is optimised. Additionally, reducing the number of differing firmware/application versions requiring support in the field will saving engineer time by reducing device estate complexity.

Fully integrated

All devices and their connectivity can be managed from one system

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