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IoT Device Management

Take control of your devices and maximise their uptime

Simplify the management of your IoT device estate and optimise performance for better results at lower costs

Managing all of your connected devices can be a challenge

It can be hard to determine if large, isolated deployments are working correctly. Scaling operations to manage this complexity without significantly increasing costs can be difficult.

Remote device management removes these issues, creating a secure and scalable environment for monitoring, analysis, fault detection, correction and updates.

IoT Device Management offers complete control over devices, making them more resilient, reducing operational cost and maximising uptime.

One stop shop

Device management services are fully integrated into the Vodafone IoT platform, one platform to manage both IoT connectivity and devices (via GUI and API)

Maximize device uptime

Increased knowledge of a device’s state combined with the ability to remotely manage and troubleshoot devices results in an overall reduction of device downtime.

Increase your operational awareness

Know what your devices are doing, so that you are aware of what is happening and are alerted of exceptions.

Secure devices

Secure devices using remote device monitoring, rapid deployment of security patches and management of their credentials

Scalable as IoT estate grows

Scale your device portfolio and management with ease, by simply extending to new devices and protocols as required.

Update and optimize devices

Device firmware and applications can be updated remotely to save time and optimise device performance. Additionally, reducing the number of firmware and application versions in the field will save technician time by reducing device estate complexity.

Reduced cost of ownership

Remote management of devices reduces the amount of operational effort required to maintain the device estate. Operational teams can manage multiple devices as groups, reducing the time required to perform tasks, and technicians don’t need to physically visit a device to manage or update it.

Connect any device

Support for the leading industry standardized protocols enables many types of device to be connected.

Protocol support includes: Open Mobile Alliance's Lightweight M2M (LWM2M), REST, MQTT.

For those devices without built in protocol support, an agent is also available to enable platform integration.

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