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Managed IoT Connectivity

How can IoT connectivity help your business?

Whatever industry you’re in, IoT connectivity enables you to intelligently connect your business.

Collect data from your devices and transfer it over our world-leading IoT connectivity networks to our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. We give you visibility and control of your IoT SIMs and devices anywhere within our global footprint. We make IoT simple to deploy and manage. Use IoT connectivity to reduce the cost of operations, automate processes and develop new business models or enter new markets.

IoT SIM cards

Whether you’re putting SIMs into devices or integrating a SIM into a product, we offer traditional SIM cards and an evolved portfolio supported by new technologies.

An IoT SIM card typically comes in one of the following formats:

Vodafone Business Global SIM

(Standard, robust, industrial and automotive-grade SIM cards in multiple formats)

We have one Global SIM that gives access to +580 networks. You can find it in standard (for handheld applications and conditions) and robust (hardened for tougher conditions such as temperature, humidity, vibrations and longer lifetime) grades. Industrial SIMs are soldered directly into terminals, perfect for extreme environments. Automotive-grade SIMs are the toughest SIM cards, specifically designed for automotive uses.

Vodafone Business Integrated SIM (iSIM) for LPWA

The Vodafone Business Global IoT Integrated SIM is stored on the chipset and installed at the device manufacture point, resulting in the reduction of manual provisioning, battery life and module costs. iSIMs are particularly effective for large-scale IoT deployments, especially when combined with LPWA networks. For example, smart labels containing iSIMs can be used to track parcels through their journey.

Additional capabilities and services:

Vodafone Business Global SIM+

This Global SIM variant ensures that the changing market rules on roaming or connectivity do not disrupt businesses, as it provides improved customer experience and seamless connectivity management in highly regulated markets.

Vodafone Business embedded SIM (eSIM)

eSIM is a capability that enables SIMs of any type to switch from one connectivity provider to another over the air, without the need to physically change the SIM. Embedded SIMs have a longer lifetime, however, it’s more difficult to physically access them. Vodafone offers several GSMA-based eSIM propositions.

Choose the right network for your IoT SIMs

Vodafone Business Managed IoT Connectivity Platform


Discover the new features

IoT connectivity is simple to deploy and manage through our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. We regularly use feedback from customers and our industry experience to add new features such as sequenced actions, saved searches and enhanced reporting capabilities. We have recently redesigned the user experience of the portal, allowing you to configure and perform day-to-day operations faster.

Accelerated operations to save time

Have fast access to relevant filters when customising the configuration and status of your IoT SIMs through our new features, such as saved searches and sequenced actions. Our cloud-based architecture enables you to carry out routine operations and diagnosis faster.

Increased collaboration and visibility

Collaborate through a shared workspace where multiple people from your business can update, monitor and manage IoT SIMs in one place. Gain better visibility of your IoT SIMs and make sure they are performing within your set parameters.

Receive regular updates on how your SIMs are performing

Stay informed about the status of your SIMs and service profiles through having access to recent activity status and SIM history.

Generate tailored reports whenever you need them

The platform allows you to access flexible reporting at any given time to understand how your remote assets are operating on the network.

Flexible role allocation to ensure that your teams have the right access

Create users with specific roles and permissions based on your team dynamics.

How we have helped some of our customers to intelligently connect their business with IoT

Why choose Vodafone Business Managed IoT Connectivity?

Secure and intelligent IoT networks

We provide world-leading connectivity in over 190 countries and support over 152 million IoT connections. To give you the best IoT service 24/7, we combine our own outstanding connectivity with 3rd parties and automatic SIM switching.

Simple to deploy and manage

We make it easy for you to deploy, integrate and manage your operations every time – whether you’re using IoT to improve your manufacturing line, customer experience, vehicle fleet or product range.

Global expertise and industry experience

We’ve been pioneering IoT connectivity for over 30 years. We have over 1,400 IoT professionals delivering global resources with local expertise, and we’ve been named leaders by the 5 leading IoT industry analysts across IoT connectivity, IoT roaming and industrial IoT services.


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