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Multi-Asset Tracking

Efficient tracking solutions and IoT devices, all on one platform

Enterprise and industrial assets, especially fleet equipment or parcels and different tools need continuous tracking & monitoring. Not only because businesses want their
goods to arrive in optimal condition, but these assets are often high in price and difficult to replace as well. GPS tracking is more efficient than using traditional barcodes,
spreadsheets or manual monitoring. With Vodafone Business Multi-Asset Tracking, all this critical information is centralised and tracked in real time for more efficient
operations. By using a combination of hardware software and network services, asset tracking and monitoring become easier and more efficient.

Track multiple assets easily

Multi-Asset Tracking is available on our Vodafone Business Logistics Console, powered by our world-class IoT connectivity and managed through a single, scalable platform. From location tracking through impact detection and configurable alerts to recovery mode for asset retrieval.

Choose your sector below and we’ll provide the best IoT devices for your business.

Pallets, equipment, livestock with Bluetooth gateway

Containers, trailers, heavy equipment (with battery)

Containers, heavy equipment (wired)

Small equipment

Real-time location tracking

Edge Connect - Multi sensor


What’s in it for you?

Easy to deploy, simple to use

Best-in-class IoT device selection already integrated in one single platform (Vodafone Business Logistics Console)

Value for money

Avoid wasting time in selecting the vendor, searching the platform, looking for a system integrator, etc. We provide a competitive OTT approach with best-in-class solutions solving multiple use cases

Keep ahead of the competition

Transparency and better visibility of your assets to reduce costs and make your business more efficient

Track & monitor your assets

A range of monitoring parameters to suit many asset types

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