Many businesses now rely on IoT. They're using it to underpin critical business processes, and they recognise that it's key to innovation and digital transformation. As IoT has become more critical to their businesses, the demand for insight into how to do IoT well has grown. To meet this need, we've developed three ways for you to engage with our renowned IoT Barometer:

  • Discover

    Over a third (34%) of businesses are now using IoT. They're feeling more confident, scaling up and doing more with it. 84% of adopters say they have more confidence in IoT than 12 months ago.

  • Explore

    We've developed this interactive tool to give you a closer look into what companies are using IoT for, and the benefits they're seeing. Build and download customised charts to use in your own presentations and reports.

  • Benchmark

    Our research found a clear correlation between IoT sophistication and the scale of benefits realised. Answer a few simple questions to benchmark your performance against your peers, and get a personalised report.

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Please check your email for a link to your personalised report. This shows how your IoT sophistication compares to your peers, and gives recommendations on how to improve your scores and increase your ROI.

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