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Supporting our ambition to create a greener and more sustainable future



Together with MyFarmWeb, we are transforming the agriculture industry by installing smart Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in the field, allowing farmers to visualise all their data in one platform to make faster and more effective decisions. This will boost productivity and revenue, while contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing waste and pollution.

Take a look at how our technology is helping one farmer in Ireland to become more productive and sustainable.


Sustainably Producing Milk

Vodafone’s cloud based MyFarmWeb platform is helping co-operatives like DairyGold to meet the challenge of climate change and increasing profitability.

Thanks to MyFarmWeb, Vodafone and the Internet of Things, through the sensors distributed across the entire farm, we're able to optimise our resources, improve our yields, make our harvests even better, meet the quality targets we set at the end of the year to produce fruits of the highest possible quality, and meet the sustainability goals we set each year.

What is MyFarmWeb?

Image-my farm web

MyFarmWeb is a cloud-based web platform that supports farmers and businesses with best-practice decision-making. It uses IoT technology to capture and analyse data from the soil of a farm through to agricultural markets.

MyFarmWeb is owned by Mezzanine, one of Vodafone Business’ Centres of Competency. It is currently deployed at more than 7,000 farms across several African countries, Australia, New Zealand and the East Coast of the United States. Vodafone now brings the solution to Europe, and it is already live in several farms across Europe including Ireland and Spain.

You can read more about our partnership with MyFarmWeb here.

Our sustainable ambitions

We are using our technology and strong relationship with our partners to overcome critical global challenges. By partnering with MyFarmWeb, we aim to digitalise farms and enable sustainable decision-making, to reduce waste and improve productivity. The smart platform tracks trends over time and lets the farmer visualise the levels of carbon in the soil and make better decisions on soil types. It can also reduce water pollution by allowing the farmer to see how much water is retained on various parts of their farm, and track phosphate levels.

Learn more about our sustainability ambitions and strategy here.