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Vodafone Digital Buildings

Digital solutions to revolutionise how buildings are managed

Our Digital Buildings solutions help you secure, monitor, analyse and report on your assets in near real time. We offer two core solutions, Building Surveillance and Building Energy Management.

Revolutionary solutions to provide control, intelligence and security for your critical buildings systems

How you manage your buildings can prove key to your operational effectiveness. The latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are helping revolutionise buildings management. With them, you can create spaces where employees can perform to their best and you can innovate where you can engage customers and where your assets are secure.


Vodafone Digital Buildings

Vodafone Digital Buildings

Discover how we use IoT to securely monitor buildings and assets anytime, anywhere to prevent loss.

The simple way to manage your building systems

Vodafone Digital Buildings provide control, intelligence and security for your critical building systems.

We make visual data more secure, compliant and far more accessible. That means that not only are your key assets more protected, but you can see how they are put to work to be more effective for you.


Vodafone Digital Buildings give you control and oversight of all your critical building systems, without having to replace them. The service is highly adaptable and can be tailored to fit the changing requirements of your business without the need for additional or replacement equipment.


Vodafone Digital Buildings can track and analyse assets to transform visual data into critical information so that you have more informed decisions. You can be up and running quickly with a future-proof system that gives you real-time access to all your footage from your smart device.


Adding IoT connectivity to your CCTV systems enables you to monitor and review footage from any camera, in any location, via a single management console. Your staff have just one easy-to-use system to reach the data they need. The access is browser-based, so you can use any web-capable device.

Our digital solutions revolutionise buildings management

Vodafone Digital Buildings help you secure, monitor, analyse and report on your assets in near real time. We offer two core solutions, Building Surveillance and Building Energy Management. These grant you greater control and give customers insights that help them make investments that will have an impact – reducing costs, improving sustainability and driving better customer experiences. And they don’t require a full-scale overhaul of your existing systems.

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Did you know?

Gartner has positioned Vodafone as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Managed M2M Services, Worldwide report 2018, for the fifth consecutive year

Vodafone IoT have connected over 85 million devices worldwide

We are the world's largest IoT services provider