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Connected retail cabinets

More control over your retail cabinets

We can help you to transform your retail display cabinets such as beverages coolers and freezers into connected, intelligent assets able to report their location, operational status and stock levels in real , offering more opportunities to streamline your operation.

The challenge of retail asset management

Retail companies spend millions – sometimes hundreds of millions – of euros investing in retail display cabinets for better product placement and improved quality. Cabinets are typically provided to stores free of charge with the promise that they will increase sales to cover the investment. You know that after the cabinets are delivered, the owner has very little visibility and control over these assets.

Owner doesn't typically know where the cabinets are at any given time due to unauthorized moves or even theft – resulting in reported 5-15% annual loss of assets

Cabinets are often switched off to save electricity, resulting in poor product quality e.g. warm beverage – this has a huge impact on product sales

Store manager uses the cabinet for competitor products, making the whole investment pointless for the owner – purity is a significant challenge especially for beverage companies

Even when assets are working, the ability to measure when stock needs replenishing is limited to 'after the event' reporting. This often means the assets sit idle until new stock arrives

Retail cabinets have huge potential, but because of the way they're managed, returns are not optimised


Transform retail units into intelligent assets

Our connected cabinets solution is a managed, end-to-end service that transforms retail cabinets into connected, intelligent assets able to report their location, operational status and product consumption in real-time. These standard applications can be further enhanced with additional services.

Our service is based on our network strength and global reach in both developed and developing markets to deliver real-time, dynamic information. As a leader in IoT solutions , we provide the devices to capture the data, networks to deliver it and applications to turn it into insightful information and business insight.

Our solution presents the transparency needed to be able to seize control of your chillers, cabinets and freezers to cut costs, optimise stock levels and increase sales per asset.

Did you know?

Gartner has positioned Vodafone as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Managed M2M Services, Worldwide report 2018, for the fifth consecutive year

Vodafone IoT have connected over 81 million devices worldwide

We are the world's largest IoT services provider