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Digital transformation of Cell Site Management

Driving down operating costs and CO2 emissions

Remote monitoring of cell sites can help mobile network operators (MNOs) drive down energy usage and extend the life of passive infrastructure. This means benefits for your business and a positive impact on the environment as well.

Helping you on your digital transformation journey

Even the most advanced cellular networks in the world depend upon the diverse set of comparatively low technology systems and devices that constitute the passive infrastructure of their cell site estates.

Vodafone’s Cell Site Management is a retrofittable IoT solution that utilises edge computing to enable operators to visualise, manage and control passive infrastructure remotely. This helps:

  • Reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Reduce both OPEX and CAPEX by enabling operational efficiency gains
  • Improve safety, security and compliance to reduce unplanned costs and outages

Cell Site Management at a glance


Device, protocol and manufacturer agnostic for universal compatibility


Installed on top of existing equipment in just 2 to 6 hours per site.


Predefined use cases and screens that can be quickly adapted to meet customers’ needs


Data collection, processing, orchestration and storage at the edge, reducing strain on and costs of networks.


Uses machine learning to diagnose root causes and distribute fault messages with proposed solutions


Real-time data and monitoring delivers enhanced visibility and context of what is happening in your cell sites straight to your network operations centre (NOC).

Cell Site Management background

Cell Site Management background

The CSM story began in 2018 when Vodacom, one of Africa’s leading mobile network operators, identified the need to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its passive infrastructure management operations. Vodacom selected IoT.nxt, an award-winning South African IoT start-up that had pioneered the use of edge computing in IoT solutions. Vodacom acquired a majority stake in the company in 2019 bringing IoT.nxt into the Vodafone Group.

Vodafone Business is now making the solution available to Mobile Network Operators and Tower Companies around the world.

Cell Site Management explained





The tightly integrated solution uses the customer’s own wide area network and consists of:

  • Use Cases: A set of predefined use cases which can be adapted to each customer’s unique environment and needs
  • IoT Application Platform: A secure cloud-native platform that can be hosted in public or private hosting environment
  • Commander: A modular suite of configurable cell site management screens and application modules
  • vRaptor: A data aggregation and orchestration layer hosted close to the network edge
  • Raptor: A range of specialised edge computing devices installed within the cell sites
  • Services: A range of services including installer training, project management and support services

What's in it for you?

Vodafone Business CSM is highly adaptable, delivers fast ROI, and helps you reduce risk and cut costs in your cell sites rapidly. Take back control of your passive infrastructure.

Lower Energy Costs

By integrating data from multiple devices and environmental sensors, CSM’s bi-directional control enables operators to automate and control energy, saving strategies centrally.

Low Risk

Because CSM was refined and deployed at scale hand-in-hand with a leading operator in one of the world’s harshest operating environments, you can be sure that it can be configured to meet your needs.

Visibility and Control

CSM enables Ops teams to quickly identify issues and opportunities through a series of highly intuitive screens and data visualisations, including map-based views and digital twins of individual sites.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Reduced energy consumption means lower CO2 emissions. CSM’s machine learning and integrated analytics capabilities enables emissions to be continuously monitored and improved.

Smarter Maintenance Operations

By aggregating asset performance and environmental data in real time, operators are able to migrate from inefficient planned preventative maintenance strategies to data-driven regimes. This means fewer site visits, fewer outages, increased asset life, and reduced spares holding.

Fast ROI

Depending on chosen use cases, installation can be as little as 2 to 6 hours per site. Installed sites appear on screen immediately, meaning you begin benefiting straight away.

“Optimising passive infrastructure management nationwide whilst simultaneously cutting CO2 emissions, driving down OPEX and deploying 5G requires a step-change in approach. This solution combines IoT with the power of edge computing to deliver the digital transformation required”

Erik Brenneis

Erik Brenneis

CEO Vodafone IoT


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