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Vodafone Building Surveillance

Vodafone Business Surveillance

Centralised security and analytics solution for your buildings – anytime, anywhere

Vodafone Business Surveillance is an integrated surveillance and analytics solution that provides comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective monitoring for your business.

No need to replace your existing CCTV cameras

Today, almost every organisation uses CCTV to protect its people, property and buildings. However, existing systems can be insecure, inaccessible, expensive to maintain and may be unreliable when dealing with an incident. One of the major weaknesses of conventional video surveillance lies in how footage can be stored in local servers or cameras, which can result in time-consuming and costly security arrangements in case of an incident.

Legacy CCTV systems are also part of the issue, as they are at greater risk of being hacked and used in cybercrime, especially if connected over insecure networks. They have limited storage capacity and adding new cameras to existing systems can require further software solutions or a refit of the entire system.

Our secure Vodafone Business Surveillance solution helps you overcome all these issues. It enables you to upgrade your existing security system by simply fitting a small device to your cameras. You can be up and running quickly with a future-proof system that gives you real-time access to all your footage from your smart device.

A future-proof security system


Vodafone Business Surveillance is an integrated security solution that provides comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective monitoring for your business. We use our Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and analytics to ensure your visual data is always available and always secure.

Vodafone Business Surveillance connects your cameras to a smart, resilient management platform via our secure 4G network or your fixed network, creating a wireless security system. This means you can access live real-time or recorded video footage anytime, anywhere, reliably and securely from any device (Windows desktop, mobile or tablet). You can also set up rules so that you only receive alerts when there is a real security issue. The solution’s modular design means it’s simple to expand when needed.


Vodafone Business Surveillance is designed to be cost effective and adaptable, making it easy to deploy and scale – without the expense and time involved in a major replacement project. The solution’s modular design means it’s simple to expand when needed. Once installed, it is also easy to manage via our secure, unified, visual data platform. Your system sends your CCTV stream into the local SSD storage and can remotely stream your real-time video at any one time, bringing the flexibility of your cameras and edge recording to the powerful Vodafone platform.


With smart security analytics, Vodafone Business Surveillance can determine when an event requires your attention. You can set up alerts to be informed when something happens at your site – in near-real time. This gives you intelligence on how to make better use of your buildings and sites. Our solution doesn’t just make it easier to manage and use the footage generated by your surveillance systems today, it’s ready for tomorrow.


Vodafone Business Surveillance ensures end-to-end security and access control with full compliance to data protection guidelines. Using our secure IoT network, all footage is encrypted, transmitted and hosted securely in our UK data centres. The system allows you to access the visual data you need anytime, anywhere and reduces the risk of missing the important moments that could protect your business. The platform is password-protected and accessed with the ability to be dynamically tailored to suit your needs.