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Solutions for Vehicle Manufacturers

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In today’s connected world, mobility, safety, sustainability and flexibility, are key drivers behind future innovation. Four-wheel and two-wheel manufacturers can take advantage of our connectivity journey and offer high value services to their end user customers.

An interview from Antoine Clémot, Yamaha Product Manager

An interview from Antoine Clémot, Yamaha Product Manager Two-Wheels, showcasing TMAX and the partnership with Vodafone Automotive for the delivery of the company’s first connected scooter.

The connected vehicle: safety, security, vehicle management

At the core of our telematics services lie enhanced safety and security features, including critical services such as crash alert management, theft alert assistance, breakdown call and assistance.

Crash alert management

Theft management

Breakdown call and assistance

Vehicle management and monitoring

Vodafone Automotive is a Tier One partner to the main European and Asian car, truck and motorcycle manufacturers for which it develops connected as well as non connected products. We aim to help vehicle manufacturers and their customers stay truly connected with their car or motorcycle. We create dedicated mobile applications that enable the remote management of security and safety functions.

Our proven experience and unique capabilities

We have proven IoT expertise, experience of deploying Usage Based Insurance (UBI) solutions and deep understanding of the motor insurance industry.

Vodafone Automotive can help you every step of the way, with our unique capabilities

Beyond connected car services

The IoT connected car is enabling vehicle manufacturers and partners to move beyond traditional ownership models, involving connections between multiple parties from different industries. In the new car-as-a-service era, users will have a greater choice of how they buy, rent, share and pool transportation services.

We are uniquely placed to be the hub connecting a multitude of industries, designing and delivering new solutions with built-in security at every stage.

In-house hardware design and manufacture

Global cellular networks

A powerful telematics platform

End user mobile apps and web platforms for vehicle remote management and driving behaviour KPI’s

A complete managed service wrap, led round-the-clock by the highly-trained agents in our secure operating centres


High levels of security and privacy: operating a 24x7 cyber defence monitoring centre and comply with local privacy standards

Our non-connected products

Since its inception, Vodafone Automotive has been at the centre of technical excellence capable of identifying, developing, producing and offering our customers innovative security systems for the automotive sector. We look at the design and development of security solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and researches innovative driver recognition and intrusion sensing technologies.

For over 15 years we have been developing fully-scalable ultrasonic based parking aid systems and investing in shaping the mobile future, designing solutions to improve safety and comfort by monitoring the automotive environment and warning the driver before critical situations arise.

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