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Internet in the Car

Powering your car’s hotspot and in-dash applications

The journey to connectivity

Accessing Internet and online entertainment for your customers and their passengers in the car is as easy as broadband at home! Vodafone has launched a seamless in car Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi hotspot in your car has the latest Vodafone 4G technology with Enhanced Security. Your customers will have a faster, more secure connection to the Internet and better signal in your car across Vodafone’s own network and partners’ networks across Europe

playing online games

listening to favourite songs

accessing emails

watching TV shows, videos

Your customers, their friends or family can experience all the internet and broadband services your car has to offer, in addition to opening up your car’s Wi-Fi mobile hotspot.

In just a few short steps your customer’s Internet in the Car (IITC) account will be open and a free trial will begin.



Interacting and browsing securely similar to home internet experience


Initiating connectivity up to 4g speed across the whole of Europe

Multi-user access

Tempting your customer’s passengers with your ability to connect up to 10 devices and enjoy in-car entertainment

Ease of use

Connecting reliably through the car’s external antenna