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Fleet telematics

Digitalised fleet management offers strategic information

Capture more data, in-the-moment from drivers in a variety of vehicles, locations and driving conditions, analyse insight, and better plan fleet management.

Remotely track and monitor your vehicles and enhance responsible driving

Our fleet telematics service gathers vehicle usage data, enabling you to remotely track and monitor your vehicles’ locations and condition via extensive reporting and mapping. This makes a wide range of insights available for the accurate management of information about the vehicle fleet.

Crash reconstruction, remote diagnostics, fuel consumption and driving behaviour presents powerful information tool to manage fleets and enhance a responsible use of vehicles.

It’s a cost-effective, end-to-end solution comprising a black box installed in each vehicle, our global IoT connectivity, our management platform and 24/7 assistance via our secure operating centres.

Vodafone Fleet Telematics

Fleet managers across commercial fleet leasing companies, short-term rental companies, and corporate fleets face their own specific challenges.

Lease and rental businesses

If you're a leasing you want to know that your vehicles are in safe hands. You want to protect their value by monitoring assets and scheduling predictive maintenance. Fleet telematics provides a more convenient and effective way to keep you in control of your fleet. It provides rich real-time data and detailed analytics that monitors vehicle condition, alerting you, should a fault develop or if the vehicle needs servicing. That also helps you reduce unplanned vehicle downtime and maintain asset value.

You also want to provide value-added services and deliver the best driving experience to your customers by offering emergency assistance should they be involved in an accident or to recover stolen vehicles to guarantee their business continuity.

A specific request from short-term rental companies is to increase vehicle rotation as much as possible, prompting a requirement for fast vehicle check-in and check-out processes.

Business fleet managers

As a corporate fleet manager, we're sure you're concerned with the safety of your drivers, social and environmental responsibility, your brand reputation, and protecting the value of their vehicles. With fleet telematics, you gain tailored reports about your employees’ driving behaviour, so you can give feedback and help them improve. This can reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption and carbon footprint by up to 30%, improve safety, and potentially impact your insurance premiums. The solution also includes access to pan-European emergency services, customer and driver support, and installation services.

Features and benefits of fleet telematics

Fleet portal, APIs, user roles

Access vehicle and fleet data through our web interface and APIs. The portal dashboard is customisable to suit the levels of visibility based on profiles and hierarchy

Driving style reporting, for drivers' safety

Detailed reporting on driving styles and behaviour for each trip, highlights any risk areas that need improvement and help lower insurance premiums

Monitor vehicle diagnostic

With fleet telematics, managers gain a real-time view of all vehicle diagnostics. Monitor mileage, fuel consumption, battery levels, DTCs, tire pressure, oil and water

Creation of strategic partnerships

Build valuable partnerships with OEMs, by sharing telematics data to offer better services and provide greater value for customers and drivers


Crash assistance and claim management

Fleet telematics detects when a crash has occurred and provides detailed reconstruction reports to show how it happened and provide emergency assistance to drivers


Telematics platform, telemetry device and operations

We develop the telematics architecture, we design, develop, produce and can install the telemetry boxes for you, or you can set up and complete the fleet installation yourself

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