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Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Full visibility and control to track and monitor your valuable assets

Our asset tracking and monitoring services help you to monitor the location, temperature and humidity of your goods as they move, almost anywhere.

Accurately track, optimise and secure your delivery chain

Whether you work in manufacturing, security, health or logistics and have valuable mobile assets such as machinery, pallets, containers or even electric vehicles, it is essential to track & monitor them in order to reduce loss. Only then can you optimise your costs and increase your efficiency while gaining peace of mind that your freight is safe and secure during its journey.

Asset Tracking & Monitoring allows you to optimise the costs of your assets

Asset tracking and monitoring is a ready-to-go service that automates visibility of your asset distribution and allows for multiple geofences providing alerts and showing asset movement.

Vodafone Business Logistics solutions include the ability to:

  • track location (with geofencing)
  • monitor temperature
  • humidity provide
  • tamper alerts

Various Vodafone Business solutions provide a range of tracking and monitoring options. Please see product brochures below for details.

Benefits of Vodafone’s wide range of asset tracking services

Ready to go service with single Logistics platform

All devices are onboarded on our platforms into the your account and fitted with a global SIM

Two-factor authentication

Ultra-secure authentication, where recipients have the chance to opt-in and opt-out of notifications

Asset distribution and inventory

See overall distribution of assets with alerting and KPIs

Adaptable to your needs

A range of devices for different types of packages

Multiple geofences

Receive automatic notifications when geofences are reached or breached

Tamper alert

Our Connected Label provides tamper alerts and the location of any attempt to access the package

Flexible location reports

Avoid unnecessary communications when the asset isn’t moving, reducing data usage and battery consumption

Environmental monitoring

Options include temperature and humidity monitoring to check on the storage and transit conditions of your goods

Current products

Meet the Vodafone Business Tag and Track

Vodafone Business Tag and Track

  • Tracks your assets wherever they are
  • Uses long-range mobile network
  • Long battery life
  • Alerts if there’s movement outside of your geofences

Meet the Vodafone Business Temperature Tag

Vodafone Business Temperature Tag

  • Monitors the temperature and humidity of your valuable assets
  • Uses long-range mobile network
  • Long battery life

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