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IoT in Logistics

Delivering freight quickly , transparently and securely


Our IoT solutions give you the transparency to see the location and status of vehicles, freight and other assets throughout the supply chain. We can have a direct effect on revenue and customer satisfaction, as well as safeguarding legal compliance and driver by helping you meet deadlines.

IoT helps avoid risks while increasing control

At any given time, more than 15 million containers are travelling through international waters or waiting to clear customs. These deliveries face many risks including delays, diversion, theft, physical damage and even piracy. In the past, delivering cross-continental transit typically risked a loss of visibility, and therefore control and finances.

Overall fleet costs continue to be the top challenge facing commercial fleet managers, followed closely by fuel price volatility. Other top challenges include increasing fleet safety and reducing preventable accident rates, finding cost-effective ways to green a fleet, and addressing ways to increase driver and fleet department productivity.

Video-Stobart Group increase efficiency

Stobart Group increase efficiency and decrease environmental impact with Vodafone IoT and Isotrak

Case studies

Vodafone IoT solutions for transport and logistics

Fleet management services

IoT fleet management solutions enable the efficient planning and routing of vehicles for service and inventory management, increasing response times and optimising efficiency.