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Image - IoT in Retail

IoT in retail

Increased efficiency and gaining insight for better customer experience

Our IoT solutions help retail suppliers acquire and act on the information they need to operate more efficiently, simplify processes and more deeply engage with customers. From supply chain management to point of sale marketing, IoT is revolutionising the consumer experience.

Using IoT to help retail businesses thrive in a competitive market

Retail outlets are under enormous pressure to maximise every sales opportunity to boost sales and demonstrate greater transparency, stability and control of risk, as well as a clear understanding of regulatory obligations. The focus on costs and investment needs to be balanced against the need to acquire and retain more customers, improving brand loyalty through differentiated products and providing an excellent customer experience.

Retailers are using IoT to revolutionise the shopping experience by building in-store engagement, enhancing their marketing, monitoring footfall , plotting customer movement and maximising supply chain visibility. Retail is now all about providing consumers with satisfying and compelling experiences, not just ensuring the shelves are well-stocked.

Every sale is a journey: from desire, to point of sale (real, virtual or both) to purchase. IoT is increasingly powering that journey, gathering data at every step of the way. It’s augmenting retailers’ insights and  strategic planning. Vodafone is a pioneering global loT player and our ecosystem covers all the bases - from connectivity to analytics to ensuring every asset or device works wherever it is, whatever its job. We've been working with retailers all over the world to leverage the power of and our experience is yours..

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Our IoT solutions for retail

IoT solutions provide efficient, cost-effective automated information gathering that is driving significant operational efficiencies, making business processes and practices simpler and more cost efficient, helping energy and utility businesses

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