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Image - Smart Cities

IoT in Smart Cities

Making cities more intelligent


Our IoT technology is at the heart of the world’s new smart cities. They enable a range of people-friendly solutions, such as intelligent transport, improved safety and security and remote monitoring and maintenance of public facilities.

Intelligent approaches to urban issues

Smart cities are necessary to adapt to the demands of urban growth. IoT technology lies at the heart of a smart city, improving the lives of the citizens within it. The IoT-enabled smart city can reroute traffic around congestion in real time, automatically schedule repairs for failed infrastructure like street lighting or bridges, and intelligently manage energy use and pollution right across the built environment. It can protect citizens and businesses from crime more effectively, and safeguard vulnerable citizens in their homes.

Case studies

Benefits of IoT in smart cities

Cut costs and carbon emissions

We can help councils take control of their energy usage across multiple sites. Smart meters, installed in offices, depots, call centres and more collect and report data on electricity, gas, and water use

Cut the need for regular check-ups

IoT-enabled lights can cut the need for regular engineer check-ups by alerting authorities before they fail. IoT can also help reduce electricity costs, with lights able to intelligently detect when there is little or no traffic and turn themselves off or dim

Improve air quality

IoT monitors installed around the city can sense and report back to central systems on local humidity, dust levels, harmful chemicals, pressure, and other factors — minute by minute

Optimise waste collection

With our IoT solutions, refuse collectors can make fewer journeys and use less fuel, and councils can cut the number of refuse trucks they run

Solutions for smart cities

IoT technology is enabling new approaches to the daily challenges of urban life. From public transport to public safety, it is changing the way we interact with our environment.

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