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Vodafone Business Digital Manufacturing

Delivering automation solutions to Manufacturers & Industries

Our solution transforms the entire manufacturing process

Today many factories have visibility of pockets of information, with a challenging legacy of manufacturing machinery from a variety of sources. Additionally, there is often a significant number of systems present, so providing an overall factory OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) grade and understanding how to improve it can be a difficult or lengthy process.

Smart Factory

Introducing Vodafone Business Digital Manufacturing

Our new Smart Factory solution helps customers automate their operations by connecting disparate machines and processes, allowing them to monitor and control the business-critical operational performance from a single dashboard. This reduces operational costs from any unplanned downtime, increase efficiency and overall productivity of the plant.
Vodafone Business Digital Manufacturing provides Augmented Reality remote assistance capabilities, which makes the remote experts as effective as if they were there on-site with the technicians. In addition, it reduces the amount of on-site mentoring and shadowing required for inexperienced technicians.

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