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Clinical trials driven by IoT

Better patient outcomes with lower costs

Clinical trials are an essential but costly component of drug development. It typically takes pharmaceutical companies 17 years to get from basic science to clinical product.3 With connected devices, clinical trials can benefit from digital health technology with significant cost reductions of conducting clinical trials, as well as potentially leading to safer outcomes for patients involved in them.

IoT can help make the clinical trials more effective, by rapidly providing deep levels of insight into the success of therapies — and potentially enabling ineffective trials to be cancelled quicker.



Our clinical trial solutions

Begin to make trials more effective and efficient with our connected devices.

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Healthcare Platforms

Provide real-time data via a porta that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Solutions include stock management, patient and lone worker monitoring, medication reminders, messages and alerts.

Managed Tablets and Handhelds

Provide cellular connectivity and management support, making them ideal for use in remote patient monitoring, clinical trials or for health visitors and social workers.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitors temperature and shelf life, at real time through the supply chain for many healthcare products, providing safety, operational efficiency and compliance.

Bespoke Solutions

We can work in partnership to develop innovative solutions that meet your global requirements.

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