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Navigating the hybrid world

Changes in working patterns

In general, flexible working has seen businesses respond positively, but how can organisations ensure success as employee needs continue to grow? ‘Fit for the future’ businesses have adapted far more quickly. They’re leading the way by helping staff carry out their jobs effectively while navigating a hybrid world.

Ready for hybrid working?

According to our Fit for the Future Report


of 'fit for the future' businesses say they’re happy with the faster adoption of new technologies


of businesses say that supporting flexible working hours is becoming more important for the recruitment and retention of staff

What sets 'fit for the future' businesses apart?


They notice changes in employee expectations

Especially when it comes to CSR and adapting the latest technology for work.


They thrive on remote working

They embrace remote working solutions more readily and provide multiple work locations while managing and mitigating security risks.


They give greater autonomy to employees and keep an eye on their wellbeing

They encourage creativity, agree that employers should play a welfare role and provide the best technology for staff management as well.


They manage cultural issues arising from remote working

They try to maintain empathetic relations between managers and employees, and enable effective collaboration.

Be more flexible for your employees with Vodafone Business’ services tailored to your needs

Providing flexible working options will set your business apart. We can support you on your journey with expert advice and services that match your specific goals.

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