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What does it take to be a ‘fit for the future’ business?

We’ve partnered with the London School of Economics to discover how you can better prepare for future challenges and increase performance, no matter the size of your business. In our Fit for the Future Report, we explore how to respond to customers’ evolving demands, cater to changing employee needs and understand how investing in tech could benefit your business.

What makes a business ‘fit for the future’?

Positive attitude to change

They see change as an opportunity and are excited by the future.

Open to new technology

They understand the power of technology to solve their business challenges.

Plans for technology

They have roadmaps in place for how technology can transform their ways of working.

Detailed strategies

They have wider business strategies for the future that are documented, specific, funded and measured.

Up to date with emerging trends

They work to understand the forces shaping their business. And they get help from key thought leaders


They can react quickly to new trends or challenges and are quicker to market than their competitors.


Meeting and exceeding customer demands

Throughout the pandemic, customers’ digital expectations have grown considerably, but they still need the personal touch. From providing real-time responses to ensuring sustainability, ‘fit for the future’ organisations are better prepared to meet these demands, positively impact society and evolve with the customer too.

Navigating the hybrid world

In general, flexible working has seen businesses respond positively, but how can organisations ensure success asemployee needs continue to grow? ‘Fit for the future’ businesses have adapted with greater ease. They’re leading the way by helping staff carry out their jobs effectively while navigating a hybrid world.

The human relationship with technology

The digital world creates opportunities and challenges in equal measure. Overall, businesses see technology as a way to reduce mundane tasks and advance business operations. By having an open-minded attitude, businesses considered ‘fit for the future’ are best using technology, minimising its impact on society and achieving personal success all at once.