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Is your business ‘Fit for the Future’?

Find out how ‘fit for the future’ businesses are tackling some of the biggest challenges. You can now check out our latest 'Fit for a Secure Future' report or take our assessment to see where you land on the ‘fit for the future’ scale.


What is a ‘Fit for the Future’ business?

In 2019, we conducted research to understand what key traits make a business ‘fit for the future’ – and we analysed these businesses against a set of challenges to discover what these companies do differently compared to others. We repeat this research every year looking at emerging challenges and the latest concerns for businesses - whether that's customer demands, sustainability or cyber security. Overall, we've found that, above all, 'fit for the future' businesses are well-prepared and have a number of common characteristics that help them to succeed.

'Fit for the future’ companies are able to tackle adversity head-on, emerging stronger and more profitable. With flexibility, positivity and adaptability embedded in their core, by adopting these traits your business will become better prepared to face unexpected obstacles, and be able to boost your profitability along the way.

How do ’Fit for the Future’ businesses stand apart from competition?

What makes a business ‘fit for the future’?

Positive attitude to change

They see change as an opportunity and are excited by the future.

Open to new technology

They understand the power of technology to solve their business challenges.

Plans for technology

They have roadmaps in place for how technology can transform their ways of working.

Detailed strategies

They have wider business strategies for the future that are documented, specific, funded and measured.

Up to date with emerging trends

They work to understand the forces shaping their business. And they get help from key thought leaders


They can react quickly to new trends or challenges and are quicker to market than their competitors.

Are you ready to discover how ‘fit for the future’ your business is?

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