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Customer Taggable Community Attribute Values


Vodafone allows customers to control certain traffic flows off-net with the implementation of BGP community attribute values that prepend route/prefix paths with additional AS hops. These community attribute values, which the customer applies, affects the way Vodafone peers choose the degree of preference of a given prefix/route, because the number of AS hops within the route-path has been lengthened.
The format for the second component of customer route community number (after 1273:) is set at five digits. This fixed length allows regular expressions to be used in applying a defined number of prepends to a given route/prefix path. This format is 1273:3PPPN, where the fields are coded in the following way. (Note: The first digit of the second component is always "3" then followed by variables of the "PPP" and "N" variables which are defined in the following tables.)

The "PPP" variable cross references off-net connections of Vodafone (please note that some of these are v6 only), defined in the following tables. (Note, this will always be a three digit value.)

Peer PPP codes: (PPP values 010-250)

PPP Code Peer Name Peer AS Number
223 OVH AS16276
219 BSkyB AS5607
218 Dropbox AS19679
217 Nordunet AS2603
212 Verizon AS701
211 Softbank AS17676
210 Coloclue AS8283
209 Twitch AS46489
208 Hibernia AS5580
207 Blizzard AS57976
206 Wikimedia AS14907/AS43821
205 Edgecast AS15133
204 Twitter AS13414
203 Centurylink/Qwest AS209
202 XO AS2828
201 Sprint AS1239
200 Verizon EMEA AS702
199 Global Crossing AS3549
198 Tele2/SWIPNET AS1257
197 GTT/Tiscali/Tinet AS3257
196 Telia AS1299
195 Orange/France Telecom AS5511
194 Swisscom AS3303
193 COLT AS8220
191 Zayo/Abovenet AS6461
190 DTAG AS3320
189 Level3 AS3356
188 AT&T EMEA AS2686
187 Centurylink/Savvis AS3561/AS3908/AS3910
186 ISC F-ROOT DNS AS33081/AS30132/AS27319/AS27318/AS23709/AS30128
185 Netnod AS8674
184 Messagelabs AS21345/AS26282
183 DENIC AS31529
179 UCAID/Internet2 (v6) AS11164/AS11537
178 Telefonica AS12956
176 TATA/Teleglobe AS6453
175 Telstra/Reach AS4637
174 KPN AS286
173 BBC AS2818
172 BT AS5400
171 Korea Telecom AS4766
170 KDDI AS2516
169 Salesforce AS14340
168 Work Online AS37271
167 Liberty Global/UPC AS6830
164 NTT AS2914
163 LINX AS5459
161 Telecom Italia/Seabone AS6762
158 Cogent AS174
156 Hurricane Electric AS6939
154 PCCW/BtN AS3491
153 Netflix AS2906
152 Amazon AS16509/AS38895
151 Akamai Technologies AS20940
150 Google AS15169
149 Neo AS8218
143 CERNET (v6) AS23911
142 ASnet (v6) AS9264
141 ARIN (v6) AS10745
140 APNIC (v6) AS18366
132 BBC RD AS31459
131 Init7 AS13030
129 RIPE NCC DNS Services AS25152
128 Singtel AS7473
127 L-ROOT DNS AS20144
125 ATDN/AOL AS1668
123 OCCAID2 (v6) AS30071
122 TDC AS3292
120 TWCable AS7843
119 Comcast AS7922
115 Highwinds AS12989/AS33438
111 Bell Canada AS577
108 IPTP AS41095
103 Core Backbone AS33891
102 Cloudflare AS13335
100 Verisign AS7342/AS26415/AS36618
086 Microsoft AS8075
081 Yahoo AS10310
080 PCH AS42
079 PCH AS3856
078 Cox AS22773
076 Rogers Cable AS812
075 Videotron AS5769
072 RIPE NCC AS3333
071 AFNIC AS2486
070 Shaw Big Pipe AS6327
068 Limelight Networks AS22822
066 TWTC AS4323
063 Verizon Cloud/Terremark AS23148
062 Akamai DDOS/Prolexic AS32787
054 ESnet AS293
053 IIJ AS2497
051 China Telecom AS4134
050 China Unicom AS4837
039 Cablevision AS6128
029 GCX/FLAG/Reliance AS15412
026 Pacnet/Asia Netcom AS10026
024 Verizon ASPAC AS703
022 NASA AS297
020 Facebook AS32934
019 AT&T ASPAC AS2687
017 HKIX RS AS4635
015 Equinix RS AS24115
220 Fastly  AS54113 
224  eBay  AS62955 
225  RETN  AS9002 
226 Linode AS63949
227 HOPUS AS44530 

Global PPP codes: (PPP values 000-009)

PPP Code Function  
000 All Peers & Upstreams  
001 All Upstreams  
002 All Peers  

Regional Upstream PPP codes: (PPP values 911 - 919)

PPP Code Region  
911 North America  
912 Europe  
913 Asia  
914 Australia  
915 South America  
916 Africa  
917 Middle East  
918 India  

Regional Peering PPP codes: (PPP values 921 - 929)

PPP Code Region  
921 North America  
922 Europe  
923 Asia  
924 Australia  
925 South America  
926 Africa  
927 Middle East  
928 India  

Peering point PPP codes: (PPP values 960-989)

PPP Code Peering Point Name Peering Point Location
989 AMSIX Amsterdam, NL
988 DECIX Frankfurt, DE
987 INEX Dublin, IE
986 INXS Munich, DE
985 LINX London, UK
984 NETNOD Stockholm, SE
983 Espanix Madrid, ES
982 Equinix Paris Paris, FR
981 NL-IX Amsterdam, NL
980 IXManchester Manchester, UK
979 Equinix Tokyo Tokyo, JP
978 Equinix Hong Kong Hong Kong, HK
977 Equinix Singapore Singapore, SG
976 HKIX Hong Kong, HK
975 NAP of the Americas Miami, FL, US
974 Any2 Los Angeles, CA, US
973 LAIIX Los Angeles, CA, US
972 Equinix Ashburn Ashburn, VA, US
971 PAIX NY New York, NY, US
970 NYIIX New York, NY, US
969 PAIX Palo Alto, CA, US
968 UAE-IX Dubai, UAE
967 Equinix Sydney Sydney, AU

Upstream PPP codes: (PPP values 990-998)

PPP Code Upstream Name Upstream AS number
997 Telia AS1299

Allowable values of N:

The "N" variable cross references the number of prepends, defined in the following table.

Value Effect  
0 Do not announce to selected peer  
1 Prepend 1x to selected peer  
2 Prepend 2x to selected peer  
3 Prepend 3x to selected peer  
9 Announce to this peer only (also announces to customers)  


  • 1273:32000 - Do not announce to Verizon Europe (AS702)
  • 1273:31752 - Prepend twice to Reach (AS4637)
  • 1273:39963 - Prepend three times to Level 3 Upstream connection (AS3356)

Please note that mixing a 'prepend to IXP' or 'prepend to region' community with a 'prepend to specific peer' or global community may not have the intended effect. Prepending once to LINX and once to BT will lead to the route being prepended once to BT at LINX, whereas prepending an unequal number of times to an IXP and a peer at that IXP will lead to the sum of the prepends being added (e.g. prepending once to LINX and twice to BT will lead to three prepends being sent to BT at LINX). For this reason it is not recommended to mix specific and general prepend communities on the same routes.

Vodafone Blackhole Community Attribute Values (1273:666)

For customers that have a host or block under a DDoS, the affected host/block can be advertised to AS1273 with community string 1273:666. This will cause all traffic to that host/block to be black-holed at the core of the AS1273 network. After advertising the prefix with 1273:666, the customer may open a ticket to request further assistance with their Vodafone Customer Front Office. Once the attack has been mitigated, the customer will be responsible for removing the prefix from being advertised. Vodafone will not be held responsible for customers who errantly advertise prefixes with the Blackhole community string.

Vodafone local preference alteration communities

  • The local-preference hierarchy within Vodafone AS1273 is as follows
    Value Effect
    100 Customers (BGP and injected static)
    90 Backup customer connections
    80 Peers
    75 Transit/Upstream Providers
    70 Last resort customer connections
  • The following communities can be sent to influence the local-preference of a customer route
    Value Effect
    1273:90 Sets local preference value within AS1273 to 90
    1273:80 Sets local preference value within AS1273 to 80
    1273:70 Sets local preference value within AS1273 to 70
    no-export Prevents this route from being announce to any AS1273 EBGP peer
    no-advertise Prevents this route from being announced to any AS1273 EBGP or IBGP peer