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Enterprise Security

Keeping your personal data secure

Vodafone are committed to providing world-class security. We deliver some of the most secure telecommunications services in the world and have a proven record for delivering trusted mission-critical services to a wide range of customers, including government, utility, finance, and retail sectors.

We have developed an embedded security culture through awareness, education and empowerment to ensure we deliver a great customer experience. Appropriate security controls are in place and operating effectively to deliver assurance in line with contractual agreements.

How do we manage security ?

Vodafone operates an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the recommendations of ISO27001:2013, including risk management, business continuity, incident management, physical security, security awareness training and much more.

All ISMS and certification management is overseen by our Security Risk and Compliance Committee who meet on a monthly basis and includes senior stakeholders from Group Technology Security and Group Corporate Security. The Security Risk and Compliance Committee report into the Group Security Steering Committee who are accountable for all aspects of physical, personnel, technical and operational security. Stakeholders from the wider business act as representatives for their respective areas in order to manage risks and incidents and to continually improve the ISMS.

Vodafone’s security certifications strategy defines three tiers of certification to cover all Enterprise customer services, end-to-end:

Tier 1: The umbrella certification is the Vodafone Group Enterprise (VGE) ISO 27001 certificate, which covers Group Services and Group internal operation activities;

Tier 2: The Group Functions certificate covers our Operation Teams, their physical locations, and our Shared Service Centres in Hungary and India; and

Tier 3: Services provided from Local Markets (e.g. voice/data services) are covered by certificates specific to that market’s business requirements which generally include ISO27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

How does Vodafone manage Risk ?

How does Vodafone manage Information Classification ?

How does Vodafone manage Physical Security ?

How does Vodafone manage suppliers and 3rd Parties ?

Vodafone Security Certifications