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The benefits of a providing an enhanced customer experience

12 Feb 2021

A great customer experience creates engagement, loyalty and viral ‘buzz’, so it is well worth investing in. But what’s the evidence?

Let’s start with the case for improvement.

Customers are demanding more

Customer expectations are increasing: 59 per cent of businesses have noticed this, according to our 2020 Future Ready Report. Two-thirds claim customers are looking for superior products, and 62 per cent say customers want a smoother, more tailored user experience.

‘Future ready’ businesses – those companies most confident and well-prepared for emerging trends, challenges and possibilities – are investing in new experiences. They are using new data insights to focus their efforts and they are taking advantage of new technology to give them an edge.

Enhancing the customer experience is now a key driver for digitalisation initiatives.

Here are some examples of customer impact across a few industries.

Connected retail

To attract customers back into physical stores, international fashion retailer Mango has boosted its in-store experience with interactive fitting rooms.

A touch screen installed in the fitting room mirror serves as a barcode scanner. This lets customers check the availability of other sizes and colours, and even receive suggestions of items to complete the look.

Customers can also contact shop floor staff to request items of clothing without leaving the changing room.

Bringing digital innovation into a store environment gives shoppers a convenient and novel experience and puts more power at their fingertips. It also gives Mango a chance to identify and connect with consumers, even if they don’t make a purchase that day.

Keeping the lights on

Energy Networks Association’s (ENA) customers had a problem: they didn’t know who to call when their power went off. This led to crowded call centres and frustrated customers.

To solve this issue, ENA gave customers a central 3-digit number to ring for any electricity or gas power issue, which connected them to their local Distribution Network Operator who could fix their problem. With over 1.2 million customers having used the service, their customer satisfaction rate has soared to 85 per cent.

Few homes or businesses can tolerate a power cut, so quick fixes like these are essential for a great customer experience.

Attracting repeat customers

95 per cent of consumers who rate a company’s customer experience as “very good” are likely to recommend the business, while 94 per cent would buy from them again.

In contrast, just 15 per cent of those who rate their experience as “very poor” would recommend them, and 18 per cent would revisit the brand.

With this in mind, creating a positive customer experience is vital to business success, now and in the future. Technology can help.

Find out more about how to improve your customer experience.

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