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Meeting and exceeding customer demands

What do your customers need?

Throughout the pandemic, customers’ digital expectations have grown considerably, but they still need the personal touch. From providing real-time responses to ensuring sustainability, ‘fit for the future’ businesses are better prepared to meet these demands, positively impact society and evolve with their customers.

Rising digital expectations

According to our Fit for the Future Report


of businesses say their customers expect to be able to interact with brands anytime, anywhere via digital services


of businesses believe their customers want them to have a clear ethical stance on social issues

What sets 'fit for the future' businesses apart?


They recognise the increasing demands of their customers

Especially regarding ethics and supporting communities. They also focus on meeting expectations when it comes to subscription models or self-service.


They embrace the role technology can play across their business

They’re keen to leverage tech, focus on automated customer support (such as online diagnostics or chatbots) and perceive their digital presence to be important for their new customers.


They express their commitment to sustainability

They have the policies and budgets to support this, with 60% of them having official CSR/ESG accreditation.


They take action to support society

Even though they struggled to keep this up to the same extent during the pandemic.

Exceed your customer’s demands with Vodafone Business’ services tailored to your needs

Offering digital solutions with a personal touch will set your business apart. We can support you on your journey with expert advice and services that match your specific goals.

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