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Hosted private cloud

Secure, high performance cloud hosting

Cloud-first is becoming the norm for enterprises

We understand that the IT demands on your business are growing. We know you need to manage complex, disparate systems to enjoy the performance and flexibility benefits of going digital. Ensuring the performance of critical applications, both legacy and cloud-native. Securing your data, complying with local market regulations and making sure your data is available at all times.

Our hosted private cloud is ultra-secure and offers the agility and performance you need to meet these requirements.

The most secure, flexible cloud

Our hosted private cloud enables your digital business models, relieving the burden that IT demands may currently have on your business. 

You'll be able to maximise your IT infrastructure without the need for up-front investment, and see continuous service optimisation without needing to upgrade your own infrastructure.

Secure your data in line with local market regulations by managing it from a private cloud across your global footprint.

The cloud that drives ultra-secure, scalable IT for business growth

Our hosted private cloud helps you to benefit from a lower cost of ownership, with the performance and agility required to ensure your business is ready to respond to market opportunities. And a self-service portal gives you the flexibility to provision your resources in just minutes.

Securely connected to the Vodafone global network, we can assure dependable end-to-end IT performance through our industry-leading infrastructure and global connectivity - keeping your data safe and applications performing at their best. 

Choosing us as a single global provider offers simplified management of cloud data, coupled with high levels of virtualisation and automation that make customisation and control straightforward.

Our hosted private cloud delivers a range of benefits

Global connectivity to our hosted private cloud via global networks, worldwide fixed and mobile networks

Infrastructure that can be easily scaled up and down as demand changes, providing the specific performance and availability required by applications

Highly secure cloud and network, safeguarding data and complying with data location regulations

Flexible commercial models which allow you to vary your infrastructure spend to reflect actual IT usage

Globally consistent solution that delivers a connected cloud across 6 continents in 28 countries with a single management portal

Reduced costs compared to continuously investing in and maintaining your own private cloud

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Why choose our cloud?

Safe with superior security

We can provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of your business, applications and workload - with shared or dedicated infrastructure, dependent on the level of isolation required

Smarter solutions, delivered by experts with flexible terms

Our migration expertise means you can seamlessly transition your applications and data to the cloud – while flexible commercials allow you to start small and grow as usage increases

Straightforward data residency

Available in 28 countries, we take responsibility for ensuring that all data residency and compliance requirements can be met with no hassle

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Did You Know ?

We can deliver consistent hosted private cloud capabilities at global scale in 28 countries across 6 continents.

Global MPLS coverage in 84 countries, 218 cities and 298 Points of Presence.

Over 1 million kilometres of fibre network globally.