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Storage and Backup Services

Take the next step in your digital transformation with our portfolio of data storage solutions

The total amount of data created by users and applications continues to grow and is forecast to increase dramatically over the coming years. This has created the demand for safe and secure data Storage and Backup Services. Vodafone’s Storage and Backup Services provide a portfolio of products to help you define strategies, design individual solutions, and manage your data storage compliance across multiple platforms, using an OPEX model that allows you to predict spend.

Scale up your business by leaving the data storage complexities to our experts

With Vodafone Business you can access a wide range of scalable data Storage and Backup Services to suit your business needs. Our venture with IBM helps bring the power of technology closer to you, enabling you to innovate faster and unlock the value of IT investment and business data. Our services are managed by experienced support teams who deliver exceptional customer experience with Service Level Agreements and performance guarantees.

Remove the complexity from deployment and support

Together with IBM we manage data storage complexities and we know that one size does not fit all, so each solution is tailored to your business needs.

Increase security and protect your critical data

Store your documents safely and protect your data using ‘security by design’ and data-at-rest encryption.

Meet compliance and regulatory needs

Meet compliance objectives and safeguard your business to increase resiliency.

Pay for what you use

Benefit from contract flexibility with consumption-based billing and pay for what you use.

Get data storage services up and running quickly

Contact our trained engineers, who will help you design, plan, and configure your storage environments.

Scalable data storage solutions

Whether you need performant, scalable, highly available or long-term data retention, we can deliver a solution to fit your requirements.

D@RE (Data-at-rest encryption) enabled by default

Ensure peace of mind with best-of breed security and protection, including data-at-rest encryption.

Offsite Archiving

Access our platform for data that requires long-term storage or enhanced data integrity.

WORM (Write Once - Read Many) technology

Protect from ransomware and lock documents in a legally compliant format with our WORM technology.

Flexible commercial terms

All services are available with flexible Pay-as-you-go commercial models and consumption-based billing.

Integrated IT support

We provide guaranteed performance Service Level Agreements and a fully managed support service with access to a service desk and trained engineers available 24x7.

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Why choose Vodafone Business


Enhanced support

We provide transparent Service Level Agreements and a fully managed service that delivers 24x7 access to support from skilled and certified engineers.

Commercial flexibility

We offer commercial flexibility to allow you to pay for what you use and tailor the contractual terms to suit your needs and budget.

Data security

All our data solutions are built with security by design and data-at-rest encryption to ensure you peace of mind.


We have a proven track record of delivering Storage and Backup Services to some of the world’s largest organisations

Global leader

We are a leader in the Gartner MQ for IoT, Mobility, and Network Services.

Uniform delivery

We secure a consistent and reliable operating platform that provides a uniform delivery across Vodafone’s services.

Network services

Vodafone is recognised as a “Leader” in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global, for the third consecutive year.

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